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Broncos Expected To Tender CB Chris Harris At The 2nd-Round Level

Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes that had CB Chris Harris not suffered an ACL injury last year, he would most likely have received a one-year restricted tender of around $3.023 million next season.

Now, however, Klis believes there is a “stronger possibility” that the Broncos to tender Harris at the second-round level, which will run them close to $2.124 million in 2014.

The Broncos would be taking a huge risk by tendering him at the original level as other teams would not be required to part with draft compensation to sign him.

Harris, 24, got some good news when it was revealed that he had only suffered a partial tear of his ACL during his recent operation. He totaled 65 tackles, three interceptions and 13 passes defended for the Broncos over the course of 16 games.

Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 9 cornerback in the league, so he could be in line for a sizable contract depending on how he recovers and performs next season.




pixy Broncos Expected To Tender CB Chris Harris At The 2nd-Round Level

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Ernestine Garcia

I think denver will be drafting a cone some were in the first 3 round in not the first & we got K.Web who has the up side to become a very good coner in this league on top of signing one in free agency if they don’t bring DRC back witch I thin will be getting a 4 year deal so Chris will stay on top of up grading the back field


So is this situation similar to Emmanuel Sanders last year? If Skins wanted a 25 year old CB PFF ranked Top 10 what would the move be?

NFL Trade Rumors
Washington would have to sign him to a contract be prepared to part with a draft that would depend on the tender the placed on his. Klis expects them to use a second-round tender which would obviously force any team looking to sign him to part with a second-round pick on top of the contract. If this ended up being the case, this situation would be a similar to that of Sanders and the Patriots last year. The Broncos of course could match any offer Harris received, but their cap situation isn’t very good when you consider all of the… Read more »

Perfect reply as usual, interesting spin…really hurt teams picks higher in those rounds…odd way to go about that as the teams most hurt are those in most need

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