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Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes that Broncos president/GM John Elway seemingly has his heart set on hiring Ravens OC Gary Kubiak as the team’s next head coach.

The fact that Lions DC Teryl Austin and former Bills HC Doug Marrone both cancelled their scheduled interviews with the team, and the Broncos have yet to set up anymore interviews, is a pretty good indication that an agreement could be in place with Kubiak soon enough.

The Broncos are likely to make a decision regarding Kubiak by Tuesday of next week seeing as the Ravens coaching staff will be heading to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl at that point.

Klis mentions that Denver could look to bring in Ravens quarterbacks coach Rick Dennison as their offensive coordinator next season to aid the process of installing Kubiak’s offensive system.

Broncos OC Adam Gase and Cincinnati Bengals DBs coach Vance Joseph both interviewed for the job, but according to Klis, they are just fallback options for Denver for the team.


Ed Werder reports that the Ravens expect OC Gary Kubiak to ultimately get the Broncos head-coaching job.

However, Ravens HC John Harbaugh is expected to be understanding Kubiak departing, even though he released a statement saying that he planned on being back with Baltimore next year.

  • Aaron Wilson refers to Kubiak as “shoo-in” choice the Broncos.
  • Although, a source later told Wilson that to “tap the brakes a bit in the event that John Elway and Gary Kubiak aren’t in lockstep on staff and personnel.”


ESPN’s Adam Schefter is now reporting that former Bills HC Doug Marrone has canceled his interview with the Broncos because he wants to see what happens this weekend with Gary Kubiak.

This is the second candidate to cancel a meeting with the Broncos after Lions DC Teryl Austin did so earlier in the day.


ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that the Ravens believe OC Gary Kubiak is the “frontrunner” to land the Broncos’ head-coaching position.

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Kubiak will interview with the Broncos on Sunday.
  • Jeff Legwold mentions that Bengals DBs coach Vance Joseph is also considered a leading candidate to be Kubiak’s defensive coordinator should the Broncos hire Kubiak.

More interesting than that is the fact that Denver will also interview former Bills HC Doug Marrone for their head-coaching vacancy on Saturday, according to Schefter.

This brings the list of candidates for the Broncos head-coaching position to:

  • Lions DC Teryl Austin
  • Broncos OC Adam Gase
  • Bengals DBs coach Vance Joseph
  • Ravens OC Gary Kubiak
  • Former Bills HC Doug Marrone


Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is reporting that Ravens OC Gary Kubiak will meet with the Broncos regarding their head-coaching vacancy.

  • According to La Canfora, the meeting is expected to take place this weekend.
  • Broncos president/GM John Elway is reportedly “very interested” in Kubiak.
  • La Canfora adds that Kubiak is “far and away Elway’s top choice” for the job.

While Kubiak released a statement saying that he was going to remain with the Ravens as their offensive coordinator, recent indications were that he could change his mind and meet with the Broncos.

Kubiak has obvious ties to Elway, seeing as they played together several years ago while in Denver.

Josina Anderson reports that Lions DC Teryl Austin has withdrawn from consideration for the Broncos head-coaching position.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that although Lions DC Teryl Austin was expected to interview with the Broncos today, that’s not happening.

  • According to Rapoport, the interview hasn’t been rescheduled as of now.

However, Denver does have an interview scheduled with Bengals defensive backs coach Vance Joseph. 


Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos will interview Bengals defensive backs coach Vance Joseph for their head-coaching vacancy on Friday.

According to Klis, the Broncos have made numerous calls to gather information regarding potential candidates and discovered that Joseph is considered a “potential rising star” in the NFL coaching ranks.

This is somewhat surprising given that his name hasn’t come up as a potential head-coaching option since teams began firing coaches a few weeks ago.

According to Ian Rapoport, Joseph has come up as a coordinator prospect, but he is more of an “under-the-radar” option for the Broncos.

Denver is already scheduled to interview Lions DC Teryl Austin on Friday, so they appear to be in for a busy day.


The Broncos have announced that they are currently interview OC Adam Gase for their head-coaching vacancy.

In recent days, Gase has generated a good deal of interest from teams in need of an offensive coordinator. Some reports have even suggested that a team like the Falcons could pair him with Lions DC Teryl Austin.

As of now, it appears as though the Broncos are his best opportunity at getting a head-coaching job this year.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos have submitted a request to interview Ravens OC Gary Kubiak for their head-coaching vacancy.

As soon as the Broncos job became available, Kubiak’s name surfaced as a potential option, even though he released a statement saying that he plans to remain with the Ravens.

  • Ian Rapoport confirms the request and adds that Ravens officials still think Kubiak will be back, but this is a situation worth monitoring.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wrote last night that hiring Kubiak could make things awkward with QB Peyton Manning seeing as his offense requires at least some mobility from his quarterback. On top of that, Kubiak was the Texans head coach when they decided they were not interested in signing Manning, even though Peyton was reportedly interested in the job.

The Broncos are interviewing Lions DC Teryl Austin on Friday, but I’m sure there will be more interviews lined up in the coming days.


Jason La Canfora reports that Lions DC Teryl Austin will interview with the Broncos on Friday, as long the Falcons don’t offer him their head-coaching position.

  • Austin is in Atlanta right now for a follow up interview with the Falcons.

As of now, this is the only formal interview the Broncos have scheduled with a candidate. The Broncos met with OC Adam Gase at the team’s facility Wednesday morning.


According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Broncos met with OC Adam Gase at the team’s facility Wednesday morning.

  • Rapoport adds that president/GM John Elway took part in the meeting with Gase.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post doesn’t rule out Gase as an option for the Broncos, even though numerous reports have said he’s expected to take the 49ers’ job.

However, Klis and Albert Breer point out that Gase’s meeting with Elway was not a formal interview for the job.

According to Breer, Elway wanted to get a better idea of where things stand right now with Gase, as the 49ers accelerate the process.

Breer adds that a formal interview with the Broncos could be coming.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Denver Broncos have requested permission to interview Lions DC Teryl Austin for their head-coaching vacancy.

Recent reports have mentioned that Austin is scheduled to meet with the Falcons on Wednesday and is “very much in the mix” for their head-coaching position.

Broncos president/GM John Elway told reporters on Tuesday that they have a comprehensive list of candidates to get through, so it won’t be surprising to see more names linked to their job.

Other options for the position reportedly include: Broncos OC Adam Gase, Broncos DC Jack Del Rio  Ravens OC Gary Kubiak and Seahawks DC Dan Quinn.


Broncos president/GM John Elway confirmed that coordinators Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio are both candidates for the job.

  • However, Elway added that no interviews have been scheduled as of now.
  • Elway mentioned that they have a comprehensive list of candidates to go through.


Jeff Darlington reports that the Broncos should be worried that the 49ers will close the deal with offensive coordinator Adam Gase before they get an opportunity to interview him.

Pro Football Talk wonders if the Broncos are actually hoping for the 49ers to hire Gase so that they don’t have to pass on him as their head coach.


Jeff Darlington reports that the 49ers are currently meeting with Broncos OC Adam Gase in Denver regarding their head-coaching vacancy.

However, Darlington adds that the Broncos are prepared to interview Gase once his meeting with the 49ers has concluded.

Source tell Darlington that Denver is confident they will get an opportunity to make a pitch to Gase, but there is “no sense” within the Broncos organization which way Gase is likely to lean.


Jason Cole reports that former Redskins HC Mike Shanahan would be interested in returning to the Broncos as their head coach, now that Denver has parted ways with John Fox.

According to Cole, Shanahan has been in contact with Broncos president/GM John Elway in recent weeks and the two of them have reportedly discussed “football matters and assistant coaches.”

Cole spoke to Peyton Manning after Sunday’s loss to the Colts and mentioned the idea of hiring Shanahan as the team’s next head coach.

When discussing Shanahan, I can just say I thought Manning’s interest was peaked when we discussed him,” Cole said.

Cole mentions that Manning has a great deal of respect for Shanahan and his offensive acumen, as well as a personal relationship with him.

While Cole seems to believe there is at least a chance Shanahan could get consideration for the job, it’s worth mentioning that numerous reports from Monday night mentioned that the Broncos were not interested in hiring him as their next head coach.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos will seek permission to interview Ravens OC Gary Kubiak.

As soon as the job became available, Kubiak’s name was been circulated as a speculative options for the Broncos, seeing as he has ties to John Elway.

However, Kubiak announced over the weekend that he plans to remain in Baltimore as the team’s offensive coordinator, instead of interviewing for potential head-coaching opportunities.

If there was one job Kubiak could reconsider the idea of staying on as the Ravens offensive coordinator, it could be the Broncos. 


Pro Football Talk reports that Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase will indeed be a candidate for the Broncos head-coaching job.

  • Jeff Darlington has spoken to “many connected people” in the NFL who won’t believe Gary Kubiak is a lock to stay in Baltimore until the Broncos have found their next head coach.
  • According to Jason Cole, it’s “fair to say that Broncos will not be very interested in DC Jack Del Rio as a head-coaching candidate.

Gase joins Seahawks DC Dan Quinn as the only reported candidates for Denver as of now.


Aaron Wilson reports that even with the Broncos head-coaching job now available, a team source mentioned that he’d be “shocked” if Ravens OC Gary Kubiak left.

  •  Wilson’s source predicts Kubiak will be running Baltimore’s offense next season.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos want to interview Seahawks DC Dan Quinn for their head-coaching vacancy.

  • Schefter points out that although the Broncos told their coaching staff they are free to look for new opportunities, Denver still holds their contractual rights.

Quinn is arguably the No. 1 head-coaching candidate right now, so it should not come as much of a surprise that Denver is interested in speaking with him.

As we’ve mentioned numerous times in the past few weeks, Quinn will not be able to meet with teams until after the Seahawks’ season is over.


According to Jeff Darlington of NFL Media, “all eyes should be on” Broncos OC Adam Gase.

Sources tell Darlington that Gase is “very” close to Broncos QB Peyton Manning. However, Darlington admits that this is a “fluid situation.”

Manning had been making calls on Gase’s behalf as he interviewed for jobs around the league, so he’s clearly supportive of his offensive coordinator.

It’s also worth mentioning that even though Broncos part ways with their entire coaching staff, this is standard procedure for hiring a new coach, as it allows them to fill out their own staff.

Peter King says we should “pump the brakes” regarding Gase getting the job, as he expects president/GM John Elway to look around.


Now that the Broncos have “parted ways” with their entire coaching staff including HC John Fox, there is plenty of speculation circulating around the Internet as to who could be team’s next head coach.

Peter King suggests Mike Shanahan could be someone the Broncos consider bringing back given that he has a great relationship with John Elway.

However, Jason La Canfora reports that they won’t be bringing Shanahan back as their head coach, even with his ties to Elway.

  • La Canfora doesn’t see them looking in-house for their next head coach either.

Offensive coordinator Adam Gase seemed like someone who would make a lot of sense given that a number of teams are currently considering him for their head-coaching vacancies, but a number of reports have said that it would be a mistake to assume he’s the favorite for the job.

Others have suggested that Ravens OC Gary Kubaik could be of interest to the Broncos, even though he released a statement last night saying that he was going to remain in Baltimore next year.

According to La Canfora, a big name, big money hire would be surprising for the Broncos, considering that they will be paying Fox for a few years.

We’ll have more updates regarding the Broncos next head coach as the news is available.

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