Broncos Head Coach Rumors


Here’s a running list of reports and rumors pertaining to the Broncos’ head-coaching search. Be sure to check back for the latest news.


  • Troy Renck reports that the Broncos are talking directly with Vance Joseph with the expectation that an offer will be made to prevent him from leaving to meet with other teams.
  • Mike Klis expects Broncos executive John Elway to offer Dolphins DC Vance Joseph their head-coaching job Wednesday morning.
  • Jeff Legwold of ESPN still believes Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan is the “front-runner” for the Broncos’ head-coaching job.
  • Jason Cole of B/R reports that the 49ers and Broncos are looking like the most likely landing spots for Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan. However, Cole mentions that the Broncos are still the most attractive job with a strong front office and defense in place.
  • Alex Marvez mentions that he’s getting “mixed signals” now about whether Wade Phillips could return as defensive coordinator if the Broncos hire Vance Joseph as head coach or if he’ll be replaced.
  • Mike Klis of 9 News mentions that Chiefs specials teams coordinator Dave Toub is still in the mix for the Broncos’ head-coaching job, but Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan appears to have narrowed the game with the perceived favorite Vance Joseph after an impressive interview. Klis adds that Denver was impressed enough with Toub and Shanahan that they haven’t scheduled a fourth interview as of now.
  • Jason La Canfora continues to hear that things are moving quickly between the Broncos and Dolphins DC Vance Joseph. However, La Canfora reports that Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan had a great meeting with the Broncos and “gave them some pause.”
  • Alex Marvez of the Sporting News reports that Dolphins DC Vance Joseph has spoken with former Chargers HC Mike McCoy about returning to Denver as the Broncos’ offensive coordinator, should Joseph be hired as the team’s next head coach. Marvez adds that the Broncos would replace DC Wade Phillips with secondary coach Joe Woods if Joseph is, in fact, hired as head coach. Sources that have spoken to Marvez consider Joseph a lock to be hired by the Broncos. However, Marvez admits that tepid local support could cause the team to consider other candidates.
  • Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos have scheduled an interview with Dolphins DC Vance Joseph for Tuesday.
  • Jason La Canfora says that it remains to be seen whether Dolphins DC Vance Joseph will take all five interviews with the teams that have expressed interest, but he wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos were first on his list.
  • Armando Salguero reports that the Broncos have officially received permission to interview Dolphins DC Vance Joseph.
  • Mike Klis of 9 News points out that timing could play a big role in who ends up as the next Broncos’ head coach, as both Kyle Shanahan and Dave Toub may not be available to be hired until a few weeks from now. However, if the Dolphins lose to the Steelers today, Klis says it’s possible that Dolphins DC Vance Joseph could be hired as soon as tonight.
  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, citing a source with knowledge of the situation, reports that the Broncos are looking for a candidate who will ensure continuity defensively and fix their offense. Florio says that while Kyle Shanahan would be a good candidate to focus on fixing the team’s offensive struggles, Denver believes Dolphins DC Vance Joseph could excel at reaching players and ultimately getting the most of their ability. One thing that could favor Joseph, according to Florio, is the fact that he could be hired right away if the Dolphins lose to the Steelers on Sunday while Dave Toub’s Chiefs and Shanahan’s Falcons won’t be available until after the Division Round at the earliest.
  • According to Troy Renck, the Broncos sent a contingent to Atlanta on Friday and will interview Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan on Saturday.
  • According to Albert Breer, the Broncos could bring back Mike McCoy as their offensive coordinator if they end up hiring Dolphins DC Vance Joseph as head coach.
  • Mike Klis of 9 News, citing multiple sources, reports that Dolphins DC Vance Joseph is the “top candidate” to be their next head coach. Although, some sources have told Klis that no final determination has been at this point in time and the team plans to go through the full interview process before deciding on anyone.
  • Alex Marvez of the Sporting News reports that Wade Phillips is unlikely to return as the team’s defensive coordinator next year. According to Marvez“if/when” the Broncos hire Dolphins DC Vance Joseph as their next head coach, Denver would promote DBs coach Joe Woods to defensive coordinator.
  • Mike Klis reports that the schedule for the Broncos head-coaching interviews consists of Chiefs STs coach Dave Toub on Friday in K.C. and Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta on Saturday.
  • According to Mike Garafolo, Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan “has his eyes on” the Broncos’ head-coaching job: “The word around the league right now the word with people involved in coaching searches and gathering all of this information is that that’s the job Shanahan has his eyes on — going to Denver where his father coached.
  • Jeff Legwold of ESPN reports the Broncos will interview Bills interim HC Anthony Lynn for their head-coaching vacancy next week. However, Mike Klis says that the Broncos have not requested permission to meet with Lynn and have nothing scheduled.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub will interview with the Broncos on Friday and the Chargers on Sunday.
  • According to Mike Klis, the Broncos received permission to interview Dolphins DC Vance Joseph but cannot meet with him until next week following Miami’s playoff game.
  • Alex Marvez is told the Broncos head-coaching job is Dolphins DC Vance Joseph‘s “to lose“, even though he has yet to interview with the team.
  • According to Brad Biggs, the Broncos requested to interview Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub for their head-coaching vacancy.
  • Rand Getlin reports that Dolphins DC Vance Joseph is scheduled to meet with the Broncos and 49ers regarding their head-coaching vacancies.
  • The Broncos are expected to request an interview with Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub, according to Ian Rapoport.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan will interview with the Rams, Jaguars, Broncos and 49ers between Friday and Saturday.
  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos have requested permission to interview Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan for their head-coaching job.
  • Jason La Canfora anticipates the Broncos requesting an interview with Bills interim HC Anthony Lynn.
  • Mike Silver of NFL Media mentions Dolphins DC Vance Joseph and Bills interim HC Anthony Lynn as potential candidates to succeed Gary Kubiak.
  • Ian Rapoport the Broncos likely would have hired current Dolphins DC Vance Joseph had they not brought in Kubiak two years ago. He was with the Bengals at the time and took over as the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator for the 2016 season. Rapoport believes he’s worth keeping an eye on for the Broncos in the coming weeks.
  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk mentions Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan could be another name to watch for the Broncos. However, Florio admits that Shanahan’s relationship with Broncos VP John Elway would likely impact him being an option for Denver.
  • Mike Klis confirms that Shanahan will likely be on the Broncos’ radar.


  • Dolphins DC Vance Joseph (scheduled)
  • Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub (interviewed)
  • Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan (interviewed)
  • Bills interim HC Anthony Lynn (possible)

We’ll have more regarding the Broncos’ coaching search as the news is available.

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