Broncos Keeping Kyle Orton As Their Starting QB

The latest chapter in the Tim Tebow saga continues to remain the same as Broncos head coach John Fox said that Kyle Orton will remain the teams starting quarterback despite another loss.

We feel Kyle Orton is our starting quarterback,” Fox said. “We need our starting quarterback to get experience for us to improve. That’s the idea behind that. You know he needs to get better in our system.”

Orton wound up throwing three interceptions yesterday which dropped them to 1-3 on the season but the team continues to show support for Orton as their starting quarterback.

“You can’t blame it all on the quarterback. We know all his balls aren’t going to be perfect, and every decision he’s going to make isn’t going to be the right decision, but Kyle is our guy,” said running back Willis McGahee. “That’s who we are going to stick with, regardless of the situation. I have faith in him. I know the whole offense and defense has faith in him.”

The one thing that best NFL teams have in common is that they all have a quarterback that beat opposing teams by moving the ball through the air and that just doesn’t play into the strengths of Tim Tebow. This is not to say that quarterback with a different skill set with never be successful but the league has designed the game around the passing quarterback which is why Rodgers, Brady, Brees, and Stafford have their respective teams sitting atop the league.

pixy Broncos Keeping Kyle Orton As Their Starting QB

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