Broncos Officially Trade Tim Tebow To The Jets

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the deal is done. The Broncos will trade Tim Tebow and a seventh-round pick to the Jets in return for a fourth and sixth-round selection in this years draft.

Schefter adds that the Jets will pay half of the $5 million that held up the original trade.

Tebow will now get the opportunity to backup Mark Sanchez next year in the Big Apple.


And now ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets that the Broncos intend to do what’s best for the franchise in regards to trading Tebow.

Denver will take the best deal from either the Jets or the Jaguars.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Denver Broncos will allow Tim Tebow to choose between the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Jets.

The teams are essentially offering the same deals so it’s a nice move on the part of the Broncos to give him the option of where to continue his career.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to see if they can work out a deal for Tim Tebow now that the Jets have apparently encountered some contractual issues.

It’s kind of amazing that the Jets didn’t read through the fine print of this deal before agreeing to it but it could open the door for others to step in and complete a trade.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes that a deal should ultimately get done between the Jets and Broncos but it will require some work regarding Tebow’s contract.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jets trade for QB Tim Tebow could be nullified after a hangup occurred regarding his current contract.

Schefter adds that Tim Tebow’s contract includes $5 million worth of recapture language which means that New York would have send money to the Broncos.

Schefter also tweets that the Jaguars ran into similar complications when trying to complete the deal so this could be a real sticking point.

Schefter believes that this could open the door for the Rams to step in land Tebow.

—————————-’s Jason La Canfora tweets that Jets will officially send a fourth and a sixth-round pick to the Broncso in exchange for Tebow and a seventh-round draft selection.


Jay Glazer reports that the New York Jets have just traded a fourth-round pick to the Denver Broncos in return for QB Tim Tebow.

Michael Lombardi tweets that St Louis was the favorite until the Jets upped their offer at the last minute.

Looks like Tim Tebow will now get the chance to work his magic in New York next season. I can only imagine what Mark Sanchez is thinking right now.


The NFL Networks’ Michael Lombardi tweets that the St Louis Rams are “strongly interested” in Tim Tebow.

Last night Pro Football Talk reported that there are four teams with interest in Tebow thus far. The report specifically named the Jets, Jaguars and Packers but mentioned that there was a mystery team in the picture.

The Packers are probably the least likely of these teams listed to trade for Tebow, given how much they value draft picks. We’ve seen reports suggesting that the Jets, Rams, and Jaguars are all serious players for Tebow so we’ll have to see if the asking price starts increasing to meet the demand.


ESPN New York reports that the New York Jets’ interest in trading for Tim Tebow has “intensified,” according to two different sources.

The report mentions that the Jets see this move as a way to improve the perception for their locker room.

“Bringing in a guy like (Tebow) would help,” said one source. “It makes perfect sense.”

Adding Tebow would help with some of the character issues that the team has dealt with in recent years but it could very well bring about even more issues for the team to deal with. Mark Sanchez would have to be looking over his shoulder at every turn, wondering if the fan base is ready to turn on him in favor of Tebow which is exactly what happened to Kyle Orton last year.


NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi reports that a league source has informed him that the Jaguars have “serious interest” in Tim Tebow.

Earlier reports suggested that the team has already had internal discussions relating to Tebow so this only adds to their level of interest.

Jason La Canfora has said that the Broncos may be willing to trade him for as little as a fifth-round pick.

If this ends up being the case, it could increase the number of interested teams trading for Tebow and possibly push up the Broncos asking price.

Given that Tebow is from the Jacksonville area and the expectations for the Jaguars are ridiculously low, you’d have to think that they would be the team most likely to get this deal done, despite signing Chad Henne a few weeks ago.


Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that a team source has informed him that the Jets “are players in the Tebow race.”

It remains to be seen what they’re willing to part with in return for Tebow but it’s probably going to take a mid-round pick to get him. It will be interesting to see the level of interest from other teams now that someone is confirmed to have interest.


Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tweets that the Packers would only be willing to part with a “late-round” pick in return for Tim Tebow.

As we mentioned earlier, no team covets draft picks like the Packers so it’s hard to imagine the Broncos dealing him to Green Bay unless other teams are offering even less in return for him.


Jason La Canfora adds the Buffalo Bills to list of speculative options for the Tim Tebow.

La Canfora mentions that Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contract has built in outs that will allow them to move on in the coming years if he struggles. On top of that, Bills head coach Chan Gailey showed interest in Tebow when he was coming out of college and La Canfora writes that Tebow “fits some of the spread formations and option plays Gailey favors.”


Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars have had internal discussions regarding Tim Tebow but Tania adds that they’ve yet to reach out to Broncos.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Jets have already discussed the possibility of trading for Tim Tebow.

The Jets signed Drew Stanton a few days ago after losing out to the Jaguars in the bidding for Chad Henne, but several sources see a trade for Tim Tebow as being a longshot at this point.

—————————–’s Peter King believes that the Broncos could start shopping QB Tim Tebow around as soon as tonight.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter mentions that a deal will get done and sees the Jaguars, Packers and Dolphins as the favorites but metions that other could also be involved.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald tweets that the Dolphins have “zero intention” of pursuing Tebow.


As soon as reports came in that Peyton Manning had chosen the Denver Broncos as his next team, rumors began to circulate that Tim Tebow could be returning to Florida next season, and more specifically the Jacksonville Jaguars. The fact that they recently signed Chad Henne doesn’t help Tebow’s chances of joining the team but they’re at least an option.

Surprisingly enough, the Green Bay Packers have been mentioned as an alternative possibility for Tebow. This sounds crazy, but here’s a pretty interesting quote from head coach Mike McCarthy on Tebow.

I’d love the opportunity to develop him,” McCarthy said of Tebow in March of 2010, per Tom Silverstein. “He’s a winner, and I’m excited to see what he does in the National Football League. He wins games, he’s a tremendous competitor and he’s like a lot of young quarterbacks; there’s some things he can work on to improve on. But you can see his tremendous passion in the way he plays the game, and it will be interesting to see who has the opportunity to develop him.”

The idea has been seconded by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen who mentioned that the Packers have had to make changes to a number of their quarterbacks in recent years including Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn.

The Green Bay Packers, that may sound strange to people, but Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements — Clements is their offensive coordinator, McCarthy their head coach — take great pride in their ability to develop quarterbacks, tweak their deliveries and do those things,” Mortensen said. “They had to do that with Aaron Rodgers coming out of Cal, and look what they did with Matt Flynn. I think they would embrace — maybe embrace — a Tim Tebow there.

The Packers are believed to be willing to move forward with Graham Harrell as the backup to Rodgers but I doubt that they wouldn’t explore other options. Given that they’re a team built solely on the draft, I can’t see them sending a draft pick to the Broncos in return for him but they could consider signing if he ends up being released.

Tebow, supposedly, would  like to return to Florida so he could end up lobbying for job with either of the Jaguars or Dolphins. I’m sure this will end up being a completely overblown story in the coming weeks so just be prepared.

pixy Broncos Officially Trade Tim Tebow To The Jets

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maybe tebow can be the next wes welker, hines ward, julian edelmen, etc. i mean all of those guys tarted off as QBs and are/were great/decent receivers. Maybe if Tebow can’t do great things throwing the ball maybe he can do things catching the ball or running the ball as a HB, I know the jets could use a little help at those spots.


Well, like they said on Sirius/XM radio the other night, “No ONE’S listening to what was really said about the Tebow to the Jets trade,” myself included.  “The Wildcat Football Formation can win games at times when other formations [such as the Power I that the NYJ’s love to run so much] just can’t get the job done, as was proven in Miami UNDER the command of none other then Tony Sparano.  Who’s the new OC for NY starting this year??? You guessed it, Tony Sparano.  So this is a PERFECT situation to bring Tim in and get him on… Read more »


Come to St.Louis Tebow!

Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer

I think the Jets made out with a steal here…Timmy lined up anywhere is a good thing for the Jets. Can’t wait until Sanchez loses a couple in a row this year. I put the over/under at 3 before the Tebow chants start!


San Fran has Harbaugh and he’s a WHO LOT like Elway in wanting a strong passing QB so that wouldn’t work out (Plus since it’s great for BOTH SIDES Alex Smith resigned and after his contract’s over or they cut him Jimmy’s got his got in Kappernick or whatever his name is).  As for the Jets, NO NO NO NO, I mean, DID anyone even WATCH the last official season of Hard Knocks??? You REALLY think Timmy would be able to “fit in” with that group of men?? Between the swearing and the foot fetishes I just don’t see it… Read more »


Jets wanna trade Bart Scott, Broncos need a middle linebacker, Tebow for Scott?