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Broncos Submit Multiple Offers To Von Miller, Still “Significant Distance” To Bridge


Mike Klis of 9News reports that Broncos GM John Elway submitted a second offer to Von Miller and his representatives on Friday.

According to Klis, the new offer came in Friday afternoon and included even more guaranteed money than the Broncos’ first counter offer that was submitted this morning.

Miller hasn’t accepted or rejected the Broncos’ latest proposal, but his agent, Joby Branion, told Elway that they will sleep on the offer and will get back to them on Saturday.


Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that the Broncos’ latest offer to franchise OLB Von Miller “didn’t move the needle much” from Miller’s perspective.

They moved up the date for some of that non-guaranteed money, non-fully guaranteed money at signing to become fully guaranteed,” Garafolo said. “But that sweetening of the pot not sweet enough for Von Miller.

Garafolo added that there’s still work to do, but contract talks are expected to continue through the weekend.


Ed Werder reports that the Broncos improved their offer to franchise OLB Von Miller and are now willing to guarantee the third year of the contract at an earlier date than the March 2018.

  • According to Jason Cole, the Broncos have offered Miller $61 million of the six-year, $114 million contract. However, this is short of the guarantees Eagles DT Fletcher Cox received and less than Colts QB Andrew Luck got.
  • Jeremy Fowler believes it could take as much as $65 million-plus guaranteed for a deal to get done.
  • Rand Getlin reports that there’s still a “significant distance” between the Broncos and Miller with guarantees and over structure still being an issue.
  • Getlin adds that Miller’s representatives and the Broncos have been communicating, and have even exchanged multiple proposals in recent days.


ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that the Broncos are scheduled to meet with franchise OLB Von Miller and his reps on Friday.

  • Mike Klis confirms the report and adds that the Broncos have submitted a new contract proposal to Miller’s agent Joby Branion that included “a move’’ in the guaranteed structure of the potential deal.
  • However, Jason Cole mentions that this new guaranteed figure is still not enough to get a deal done.
  • According to Cole, Miller is “extremely upset” with how the Broncos have handled this negotiation, especially after the team leaked info to the media.

Earlier in the week, numerous reports mentioned that Broncos GM John Elway personally called Miller over the July 4 weekend to personally express his desire to get a long-term extension in place before the upcoming deadline.

The expectation is that contract negotiations could pick up at some point this week, as they have just over a week to get an agreement in place before the July 15th deadline.

The main issue between the two parities comes down to the amount of guaranteed money and the overall structure of the deal. The two sides have reportedly agreed on the framework of a six-year, $114.5 million contract, but there is still work to be done.

Miller, 27, is a former first-round pick of the Broncos back in 2011. After playing out his rookie deal, Denver picked up his fifth-year option and later used their franchise tag on Miller this offseason.

He’s now in line to make $15.701 million fully guaranteed for the 2016 season. However, this won’t prevent them from negotiating a long-term deal that would reduce this figure and offer them some additional cap space.

In 2015, Miller appeared all 16 games and recorded 35 tackles, 11 sacks, three fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 2 outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense out of 53 qualifying players.

We’ll have more regarding a possible extension for Miller as the news is available.

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