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Browns Considering Trading Brandon Weeden?

The National Football Post writes that some around the NFL believe the Cleveland Browns could look to trade QB Brandon Weeden at some point this offseason.

NFP adds that there’s a “belief” that the Browns new front office isn’t very high on Weeden as an NFL quarterback and could try to trade him now in the hopes of securing “something” in return for the him.

Will Burge of ESPN Cleveland writes that although they probably would like to trade Weeden, it’s hard to imagine them doing any better than a fourth or fifth round draft pick at this point.

Burge mentions that there really isn’t a solid upgrade to Weeden available on the open market, and adds that calling Alex Smith as much is a bit of a stretch.

Just for the purpose of perspective; Weeden is actually older than Aaron Rodgers. The Browns new regime obviously inherited this situation, so it makes sense that they would consider all of their available options at this point.

It will be interesting to see if Cleveland actively shops Weeden around the league in the next few weeks.


pixy Browns Considering Trading Brandon Weeden?

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So they don’t like Weeden who’s 30 years old, but going after Alex Smith wasn’t going to be much of an upgrade..What, they thought that QB’s like Tom Brady’s and Aaron Rodgers) grow on trees or something and we’re just going to fall in one of their laps? Boy, I guess Alex Smith must be really shitty then if they had no interest at all. Alex is what?…. 28 years old with 7 years of NFL experience and coming off a really good year. How do they get off comparing these two QB’s. I guess they thought paying Flacco close… Read more »
You’ve got to be kidding!! Weeden has had 1 yr as QB in a system not suited to him and you’re ready to trash him for zilch in a trade. This QB merry-go round is what has killed this team. Keep him 1 more year. If a no go trade for a draft choice and draft a QB. (next year has a better QB class). This year go for an OG as 1st and a FA Wide receiver or LB as 1st. So, you hate they guy, so what. He’s performed better than some HOF in his 1st year. Loading...
William M Klepper

Is there no end to the Phishing a sports writer can get away with? Sight unseen, unspoken, unplayed, the Browns will trade him with the rocket arm? If I bought that, you’d try to sell me some property 3 miles north of the stadium. I’ve always been a Colt fan, but I wanted Weeds to be here and beaten by Colt, not this way. Spin another fabrication, Nat. You should take up writing comedies for a living.

NFL Trade Rumors
William, The article is derived from the National Football Post’s article on Friday where they cited people within the league who have mentioned that the Browns new front office isn’t high Weeden and could look to recoup some value now, rather than wait until he’s into his 30s. This coincides with the speculation that has been circulating since Michael Lombardi took the job. It’s not as though this idea pulled out of thin air or simply fabricated by myself. I even included a source who believes the Browns will have a hard time trading Weeden to offer some additional perspective… Read more »
Beverly Silvy

Who else would want him but us, thats why he set at 22 when we drafted him, don’t see him going to any other team, always thought with the hype of people was overrated.

Chaz Le

bring back DA muhahahahah


You might as well keep him for another year to see if he improves. He has a great arm and most guys need a year or two to get used to the NFL. Rookies like RG3 and Luck are the exception, not the rule. You won’t get anything anyway.

Lucky Armijo

So we might trade Weeden? Thank goodness I never ran out to buy his jersey. Over the last decade the Browns have made some pretty bad draft choices, but Weeden takes the cake. I mean hell even Edwards had a few passes that he actually didn’t drop. Good-bye Weeden, and good riddance.

Terry Exline

Imagine that.


Forget who’s available, what is Weeden worth? Maybe a 4th rounder at this point?

Terry Exline

If that, but I agree they should cut their losses. Get what you can while you can.

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