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Trent Richardson Will Visit Dr. James Andrews Regarding His Knee

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Browns RB Trent Richardson is tentatively scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery Thursday to remove a “hang nail particle” of loose cartilage that is irritating his left knee.

Richardson could return for one or two preseason games under normal projections with this specific injury, but it is unknown if that scenario is in the team’s plans, a team source said.


Well that good news apparently didn’t last that long as Nate Ulrich reports that Browns RB Trent Richardson will travel to Pensacola Florida tomorrow to have his left knee examined by Dr. James Andrews.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer mentions that this could be a sign that Richardson will have to undergo another scope on his knee.

The Browns have shutdown Richardson for the time being after he’s been dealing with some “swelling” and discomfort  in his knee. It’s also worth noting that Richardson had his knee surgically repaired while in college, so this is looking like a pretty serious situation for the young rookie.


Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland reports that Trent Richardson‘s MRI revealed nothing serious and his source mentioned that was “not that big a deal.

Richarson had been limited in camp, so it made sense to have a scope to determine whether or not there was anything to be overly concerned about. Cleveland will hold Richarson out of their first preseason game on Friday, but he should have a shot at playing in the following game.

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