Browns Prefer Jared Goff To Carson Wentz?

Several sources have told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Browns actually prefer Cal QB Jared Goff to NSTU QB Carson Wentz.

In fact, Cabot adds that Browns HC Hue Jackson preferred Goff as far back as the scouting combine.

Reports from yesterday were mixed in regards to who the Rams will target with their newly acquired No. 1 overall.

However, a league source tells Cabot that the Rams actually prefer Goff, which fits with what was reported by Adam Schefter and others.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports previously mentioned that there are some members of the Browns organization who are split on Goff, including many of the team’s scouts, who would prefer to take Wentz.

However, sources have told La Canfora that OC Pep Hamilton has Goff as “far and away the better candidate,” and the assumption is that both Jackson and the front office support the idea.

La Canfora mentioned that Goff knows Jackson very well and Hamilton is familiar with him from his time recruiting for Stanford.

For the time being, La Canfora says that the Browns are perfectly content with the reports of them preferring Wentz because his sources have said that Goff is really their guy.

After the trade between the Titans and Rams went down, many said that the Browns were among the losers of this deal, as they won’t be able to have their pick of the quarterbacks. There has also been talk of them possibly trading out of No. 2 overall and acquiring more picks to work with.

We’ll have more regarding the Browns as the news is available.


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