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Browns Prepared To Part Ways With Colt McCoy?

According to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it’s doubtful that QB Colt McCoy is back with the Browns next season.

Pluto adds that the Browns “don’t believe McCoy can be a viable starter” and are reportedly considering Matt Moore and Matt Cassel as potential offseason targets who could ultimately push Brandon Weeden for the starting job next season.

McCoy, 26, triggered escalators in his contract that increased his salary from $575,000 to $2.325 million for the 2013 season.

If Pluto’s correct that the Browns aren’t sold on McCoy as their backup, then there’s a good chance he’ll be cut loose in the coming weeks.

The Packers were rumored to have interest in McCoy last year given their need for a solid backup quarterback, so Green Bay could be a potential landing spot for McCoy, if he is in fact released.

  • The Browns always seem to make the wrong decisions in order to have a winning and competitive team. Many former Browns hav gone on to win championships elsewhere. Maybe a winning philosophy is foreign to the Browns front office. Hiring a former OC who had dismal results at best and making him the head coach is another big mistake for the Browns. Same old story for the Cleveland Browns, losing.

  • micronot

    So let me get this right… the Green Bay Packers, a championship caliper team and recent Super Bowl Champs, would want to pick up Colt McCoy yet he is not good enough to play for the Browns? How does that make sense?

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      The Packers rumored interest in McCoy is strictly related to him being a contingency option and an upgrade to Graham Harrell. Holmgren forced McCoy to the bench by taking Weeden in round one. There’s no question that the decision to take Weeden was an act of desperation on Holmgren’s part, especially after he lost out on a trade for the right to draft RGIII. All in all, the only way McCoy was going to see playing time was if Weeden got hurt.

  • Rob Schroeder

    I care about Terry Pluto’s hit grabbing rumors about as much as I care that “3 people unfriended” me on facebook…

    The team just announced that they are installing “advanced sports analytics” to their decision making process. That means that they will see that statistically Colt did as much as Weeden WITH less. Now what they do with that information is anybodies guess… ?

    • micronot

      If the team uses “advanced sports analytics”, then they will see that McCoy actually performed better than Weeden in passes from 20 to 30 yards in the air… which will happen to be the bread and butter range of their vertical passing game. For that matter, Moore is also a better fit in that range than Weeden, and Moore has 5 years NFL experience and is a year younger than Weeden to boot.

      I agree that McCoy did a better job with less talent around him. Weeden seemed to get 4-5 seconds of pass protection compared to McCoy getting 2-3 seconds. At times it seemed like a defender was in McCoys face immediately after the ball was snapped. The team was also down to a practice squad RB, and the lockout prevented them from having a normal offseason to learn the new offense and get any rhythm.

      McCoy does NOT have the “noodle arm” that so many casual fans claim he has. McCoy was clocked throwing the ball at 56MPH, which is the same speed as Cam Newton and Andy Dalton, and is 1MPH faster than Flacco… although it is not the 59MPH of Weeden.

      But where McCoy does lack is that he fails to put enough spin on the ball. That is why his deep passes don’t have a nice tight spiral. Without enough spin, the ball can’t cut through the air and it will begin to wobble and get pushed by the wind. If this coaching staff fix his mechanics so that he can get proper spin on the ball, he could be a good QB.

      However, the new staff might want to just put their guy in place. Look at what happened when Holmgren took over – both Quinn and Anderson were gone. We could see the same thing here. Both McCoy and Weeden gone, bring in Moore as the veteran stop-gap measure and mentor for their QB of the future, and they draft a good QB next year.

  • Nate

    Holy shit, this article reads like a 6 year-old texted it! Who taught you how to write, Salvador?

  • Sarge

    Good! McCoy can go to a better team to play.

  • Terry Pluto is just trying to get more of the cheap hype he got a month ago with his little aside that was never confirmed.

    Looks like he’s looking to go viral again riding the same dubious no source comment. Pathetic.

  • Pamla

    Colt is a better QB than Weeden . Colt is able to run and scramble when he gets pressure …..which is all he had the first year he played.He didnt have a right tackle, both guards were rookies and all three running backs were injured. The wide receivers couldn’t catch a ball no matter who the QB was. Weeden is afraid to get hit.Anytime he gets any pressure he throws the ball to the ground or at the sideline.Throwing a “Rocket ” is useless if you don’t have control or accuracy. I was hoping the new owners would stand by their word and actually have a QB competition. I am afraid they are going to screw up the draft this year just like the former idiots did. We could have had Julio ….an instead we pick a senior citizen!!!!

    • Alex Wentzell

      I had to make an account specifically to tell you how stupid you are. To say Weeden was afraid to get hit is just plain ignorant. Any rational person who actually watched a Browns game last season would realize that play after play Weeden stepped into the pocket with great presence. Never did he show he was “Afraid to get hit” what a crock of bull! Weeden did just about as good under pressure as any other rookie qb did, particularly seeing how he doesn’t have the mobility. He steps into the pocket and makes throws.


      • No, Alex, something is wrong with you if you spew this much hate toward someone who just has a different opinion — in all caps even.

        • Alex Wentzell

          Trust me Anne, there is something very wrong with me.

          • Then stop posting and get help.

          • Alex Wright

            No you.

      • Pamla

        We have all the games on tape from the past 4 years and You could come watch a few and I will show you the proof. It is fine to disagree but to call someone “stupid” is childish. There were QB ‘s that were picked after Weeden that actually took their teams to the playoffs….Seahawks QB. All Weeden did was brag about how he was in charge of the franchise and how his bad games were the rest of the teams fault. I just feel Colt never got a fair chance..two different head coaches…two different offensive coordinators…new type of offensive and NO support from any of the coaches.The team supported him through all of it.If he would of had the backup Weeden had last year it would have been a different story his first year.We still don’t have any reliable guys who can catch a pass no matter who is the quarterback.I really don’t know why anyone who is talented would want to come to Cleveland …there is no loyalty or trust in the management.  Most of the decisions they have made have hurt the team and it never seams to change.Just count all the coaches, QBs, owners, offensive coordinators., etc we have had in the past 10 years.We are always starting over. I am just tired of people laughing when they ask what team you support and you tell them you are a Browns fan.Things have to change.

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    • Rick Hughes

      you said it all very well

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