Browns Rumors: Trading Up For RGIII, Franchise Tag Coming For D’Qwell Jackson?


Robert Griffin III

Mary Cay Cabot  of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes that she believes that the Browns are “pretty likely” to try to trade up and draft Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

If the Browns determine at the Combine next week and maybe through one or two more visits that RGIII is their man, I don’t think they would hesitate to give up their No. 4 and their No. 22 to pull off this deal,” said Cabot. “… It’s almost a perfect match. I think at this point it’s very likely that could happen.”

This is a very interesting report because so far we’ve only heard that the Browns are reluctant to give up the draft picks that they’ve acquired and it’s been said that Griffin isn’t exactly the best fit for their offense.

Determining whether or not a player a fits into your offensive scheme is important but to pass up an opportunity to get a franchise quarterback because you’re afraid that he may not be the perfect player schematically, is crazy. It makes more sense for Cleveland to pass on RGIII because they can sign a solid quarterback during free agency and draft two play makers in the first-round and fill all of their holes rather than take just one player. I’d be surprised to see them move up for Griffin even though he could be great in the NFL.


D’Qwell Jackson

Mary Kay Cabot tweets that the Browns will tag Jackson in the event that a long-term deal cannot be reached. Cabot adds that the two sides are currently in talks right now.

We could know in the next few days whether or the Browns will use their tag on Jackson.


Kay Cabot also mentions that the Browns would much rather re-sign MLB D’Qwell Jackson to a long-term deal than use their franchise tag on him in the coming weeks.

Jackson answered a lot of question about his ability to stay healthy last season and was productive in doing so. He figures to be at the top of the teams list regarding players to retain during the offseason.

We have Jackson listed as the #31 best available free agent in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

pixy Browns Rumors: Trading Up For RGIII, Franchise Tag Coming For D'Qwell Jackson?

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