Rex Grossman An Option For The Browns?


Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland takes a look at the impact that new Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan could have on the Browns current roster and potential offseason targets.

There has already speculation that Shanahan could push the Browns to consider trading for Kirk Cousins seeing as he spent the past two years with him in Washington, but Grossi suggests that Rex Grossman could be the “logical addition.”

Grossman, 33, has spent the last five seasons working with Shanahan and could offer them a solid No. 3 option who can also work with a young quarterback if they were to grab someone in the draft.

According to current Browns QB Brian Hoyer“it’s pretty much inevitable” that they will draft a quarterback.

Grossi writes that “all evidence is the Browns are enamored with [Johnny] Manziel” and mentions that Shanahan has become “enamored” with the multi-dimensional quarterbacks.

We have the Browns taking Teddy Bridgewater at No. 4 overall in our most recent 2014 NFL Mock Draft.


pixy Rex Grossman An Option For The Browns?

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