Report: Browns Looking For Minimal Compensation For QB Colt McCoy


Daniel Jeremiah of reports that sources have him informed him that the Cleveland Browns are in fact shopping QB Colt McCoy and are supposedly looking for “minimal compensation” in return for him.

This coincides with previous reports. Yesterday, ESPN’s John Clayton tweeted that the Green Bay Packers seem like a logical option, but they seem to like their backup quarterback situation. It will certainly be interesting to see what if any team’s show interest in trading for McCoy now that the asking price has come down considerably.


ESPN Cleveland‘s Tony Grossi spoke with an NFL source who mentions that the Browns decided against releasing QB Colt McCoy following the draft because they didn’t want it to see like they were “piling on” him.

Grossi adds that Cleveland will not be looking for much in return for McCoy in the coming because they supposedly wound like to give him “a new team, a new opportunity, to spare him the ignominy of being released.”

There’s no question that the Browns put him in a very difficult situation to succeed, considering the lack of talent that they surrounded him with. There really hasn’t been a lot of interest in him thus far, but that may have had to do with Cleveland’s asking price. The Packers were reportedly considering a trade for him, but were only willing to part with a late-round draft pick in return for him.


Cleveland Browns GM Mike Holmgren said that as of “right now” there is no plan to move one of the backup quarterbacks currently on the Browns roster. However, he added that “that’s not to say we might not change something,” per Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

During the draft the Browns were shopping QB Colt McCoy after selecting QB Brandon Weeden in the first round, but they found almost no interest in such a trade. Seneca Wallace came out and said that he would not be happy remaining as the no. 3 quarterback on the Browns roster, as he feels that he can still be an effective player.

With three quarterbacks on the Browns roster, it does seem like something will happen in the coming months, so this will certainly be one of the main topics surrounding the Browns heading into training camp.

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First of all, Tony Grossi hates Colt McCoy.  Always has.  Every day he  gave very negative remarks on McCoy.  Just jealous!  How humiliating to McCoy, to say he isn’t worth much. He won more games than any QB in college history.  How can he be so terrible?  Well he was surrounded by a bunch of bungling idiots.  That losing Team has treated him awful and paybcks coming.  Brown’s will definately be sorry.!!!!


Kellen Moore actually won more games than Colt.  Moore went undrafted and signed on to compete for the #3 QB spot on the Lions.  

Colt will quickly fade into the sunset.  He is a player nobody is willing to give up more than a 6th round pick for and played like it when handed his opportunity to start.