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Buccaneers Still View QB Mike Glennon As Their Long-Term Starter?


A multitude of reports have been espoused, circulated and put forth regarding Tampa Bay’s opinion on second-year QB Mike Glennon.

Recent comments by Bucs GM Jason Licht however, seem to support the theory that Tampa Bay does still in fact view Mike Glennon as their long-term answer at the position.

We looked at all the tape of last year,” Licht told Bill Polian and Alex Marvez Tuesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via “Having him in the building and going through that first minicamp with him and seeing how he was in meetings and interacted with the team — and more importantly how he was on the field — just secured our feelings of how we evaluated him and felt about him.  That really helped with our draft strategy.”

The Buccaneers signed QB Josh McCown away from the Chicago Bears to a two-year, $10 million deal.  While McCown had a sensational season with the Bears last year, he is 34 years old and a career backup.  Even if McCown reproduces his 2013 season, the Bucs can hardly view him as their quarterback of the future.

Glennon also performed well last season, posting 19 touchdowns against only 9 interceptions, a fine ratio for a rookie quarterback.

But Glennon was brought in by a different front office, which likely added fuel to the rumors that Tampa was looking to deal him.  Additionally, it is very possible that Tampa explored the possibility of adding a quarterback in the draft, but the board did not fall their way.

Whether or not Head Coach Lovie Smith or Jason Licht view Glennon as their franchise quarterback remains a bit of a mystery, but Licht’s comments undoubtedly demonstrate strong support.

Mike showed during this process that he had those three things and scored very high marks,” Licht said referring to toughness, intelligence and accuracy. “He’s a little bit of an unassuming type of guy, but the players around the building really look up to him and do follow him.  That’s what it came down to.”

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