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Buccaneers Targeting Johnny Manziel In Trade Up To No. 2 Overall?



Jason Cole mentions that he would be “very surprised” if the Buccaneers traded up to No. 2 overall for Johnny Manziel given that he was told last week that Tampa Bay has different plans.


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported earlier in the day that there is “chatter in league circles” that the Buccaneers could trade up to No. 2 overall.

At the time Florio didn’t have any details regarding who they could be targeting in a move up the board, but he’s now hearing that their target would be Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel.

There was some speculation that Sammy Watkins could also be an option for the Bucs, however, Florio says Manziel would be their guy in this scenario.

This is, of course, interesting for a number of reasons. Earlier today, Ian Rapoport reported that the Buccaneers could look to trade Mike Glennon in the event that they draft a quarterback at some point.

Meanwhile, Jay Glazer reported that the Browns and Raiders were not going to draft Manziel at either No. 4 or No. 5 overall, so this would be a great deal for the Rams given that there is at least a chance Manziel could still be on the board at No. 7 overall.

Then again, the smoke is starting to get thick as the draft nears, which means it’s getting even harder to know what to trust at this point.

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