Chargers Defended Move To Los Angeles During Recent Owners Meeting

According to Jason La Canfora, a representative of the Chargers addressed the other NFL owners during their recent meeting last week and defended the short-term economics of the team’s move to Los Angeles.

There has been a lot made about the Chargers’ poor attendance at the StubHub center since the regular season started, but La Canfora reports that the Chargers pointed out that they’re essentially on par with the revenue they would have expected to make from tickets sales had they remained in San Diego this year.

Beyond that, La Canfora says that the finances of the move have not been a significant detriment to the team.

If there’s an issue for the team and the NFL moving forward, it will likely be fan engagement and the sale of PSLs once the Chargers prepare to play at the new Inglewood stadium.

La Canfora writes that the StubHub center can keep them afloat for the time being, but the real issues for the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles will start to set in if they don’t have a larger fanbase to fill their new stadium, especially if they’re viewed as the less-attractive option to the Rams.

Competing with the Rams for sponsors and suites will be difficult if they don’t experience a large amount of growth in terms of their fanbase. Another issue for them moving forward will be the $65 million annual payments they’ll need to make as part of their relocation.

During the owners meetings, La Canfora reports that the topic of the Chargers moving back to San Diego was never discussed and it isn’t something being considered by the team.

“There is no Plan B right now,” said one well-connected ownership source tells La Canfora, “and there is no talk about a Plan B. They’ve got a few years to figure this out before the new stadium is built and that’s where all of the energy is focused.”

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