Chargers News: WR Vincent Jackson’s Return Prospects And GM A.J. Smith’s Free Agent Approach


San Diego Union-Tribune writer Kevin Acee pens piece of interest regarding the Chargers approach to the upcoming free agent market, and then opines via twitter regarding the Vincent Jackson situation.

The Chargers, long considered one of the most talented yet under-performing rosters in the AFC, approach the market with both considerable needs and the money necessary to address them.  This is a relatively new position for the Chargers’ GM A.J. Smith, who has historically focused on resigning expiring contracts and building through the draft.

Smith recognizes that “it’s a terrific time to be looking in a number of areas.”  Nevertheless, don’t hold your breath for a mega-signing from the Chargers.  The positional depth of the market at the CB, WR, and DL will allow Smith to eye the market, avoid big dollar shootouts, and shop for value.

Acee also notes that WR Vincent Jackson could prefer re-signing with the Chargers to a big move.  The WR will certainly command top dollar on the market, should he reach it, which the Chargers are doubtful to match.  It’s essentially up to Jackson, who will have to determine how much of a discount he’s willing to take.  The Chargers would be thrilled to have Jackson back while still maintaining decent cap room.


pixy Chargers News: WR Vincent Jackson's Return Prospects And GM A.J. Smith's Free Agent Approach

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