Chargers Without Antonio Gates For 3-5 Weeks?

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates is considering sitting out 3-5 weeks to allow his injury foot to heal.

Gates reportedly torn scar tissue that had built up from his previous injury during week two’s game against the Patriots. Last week he passed an MRI exam which didn’t show any significant damage.

It’s always up to me and how much pain I can tolerate. And I think to me, that’s the most deceiving thing about MRI, because they tell you how you [are] structurally,” said Gates. “But they can’t, no one can just tell you how you feel.”

Having Gates healthy is very important to the Chargers offensive production so I’d expect them to be cautious with him until he’s ready to return.

pixy Chargers Without Antonio Gates For 3-5 Weeks?

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