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Charles Woodson May Find Limited Interest This Offseason

Gil Brandt of NFL.com suggests that free agent DB Charles Woodson could find a limited market for his services after being released by the Packers.

Brandt goes as far to suggest that Woodson may even consider retirement due to limited interest.

This is purely speculation on the part of Brandt, but he could be right about the level interest in Woodson this offseason.

He’s currently 36-years-old and seen his ability and overall production drop in recent years. It seemed like a perfect idea for him to transition to playing safety last season, but he wasn’t especially great at that either. This isn’t to say that he’s no longer capable playing in the NFL, but more that teams could be concerned about what they’re getting if they were to sign him.

There have already been a number of teams tossed out as speculative options including: the Broncos, Patriots, Ravens, Saints and Bengals.

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