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Chiefs HC Andy Reid Optimistic That They’ll Re-Sign QB Alex Smith


Chiefs HC Andy Reid told reporters on Tuesday that there has been “open communication” between them and the reps for QB Alex Smith regarding a possible extension.

“There is open communication between both parties,” Reid said. “…I’ve always believed that if there is open communication, then normally good things happen.”

I’m sure something will get done; I can’t put a timeframe on that but I’m sure something will get done,” added Reid. 

Chiefs GM John Dorsey mentioned last week that there was “no rush” to get a deal done now, but still expected to continue talks throughout the summer.

We’€™ve had continual conversations with his representatives,” said Dorsey, “€œWe’€™re at that point now where we’re going back and forth. Eventually, as (with) all negotiations, there will be a medium point where both sides agree. Time will move on and we’€™ll go to the next project.

In addition, Dorsey also seems to be in no rush regarding negotiations “This thing will go on for a little bit. There’€™s a degree of patience here. There’€™s no reason to rush. We haven’€™t even gotten into rookie minicamp yet.

Every indication is that the Chiefs are approaching this situation with a great deal of caution. Last year, they paid a decent amount of money to lure Chase Daniel away from New Orleans and a few weeks ago, they draft Georgia QB Aaron Murray.

Smith, 30, is entering the final year of his current deal and will make $7.5 million for the 2014 season. He counts just as much against the Chiefs salary cap, so a long-term deal would offer them some cap relief.

In his first season with the Chiefs, Smith led them to playoffs and played great in their first-round matchup against the Colts before an incredible turnaround from Indy. Smith also set career highs in passing yards with 3,313, rushing yards (431) and touchdowns (23) while only throwing seven interceptions.

pixy Chiefs HC Andy Reid Optimistic That They'll Re-Sign QB Alex Smith

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