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Chiefs Making Calls About Trade Up, Targeting An ILB?


Matt Miller hears from a league source that the Chiefs are actually interested in moving up for an inside linebacker, not a quarterback. Miller wonders if Reuben Foster or Jarrad Davis could be their target.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Chiefs are the team “making the most noise right now about moving up.” According to Rapoport, it’s possible that Kansas City could attempt to trade up into the top-10 picks.

All NFL teams are making calls right now, but Rapoport wonders if this could be more than just normal due diligence.

The Chiefs have been connected to a number of quarterback prospects during the pre-draft process, so you have to wonder if they’re trying to see if it’s possible to move up to get their preferred option.

If Kansas City can get into the top, there’s at least a chance that all of the quarterbacks could be available to them. However, that would be a very costly move for the Chiefs in terms of draft compensation.

We have the Chiefs taking Deshaun Watson in the First Round of our 2017 NFL Mock Draft.

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