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Chiefs Working On A Long-Term Extension With QB Alex Smith

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports writes that Chiefs general manager John Dorsey is working on a long-term contract with QB Alex Smith.

We’€™ve had continual conversations with his representatives,” said Dorsey, “€œWe’€™re at that point now where we’re going back and forth. Eventually, as (with) all negotiations, there will be a medium point where both sides agree. Time will move on and we’€™ll go to the next project.”  In addition, Dorsey also seems to be in no rush regarding negotiations “This thing will go on for a little bit. There’€™s a degree of patience here. There’€™s no reason to rush. We haven’€™t even gotten into rookie minicamp yet.

Smith, 30, has had a resurgence in his career after being having a great season with the 49ers in 2011 before being traded to the Chiefs in 2013. Smith has been able to secure a 30-9-1 record over the past 3 seasons of games he has started and in 2013 was able to compile 3313 yards, 23 TD’s and 7 INT’s.

While Smith may not be a top tier talent, he is still highly effective as a starter and is still just 30 years old.  Smith could be looking at another four years or more as an effective starter so it would make sense for the Chiefs to at least consider giving him an extension beyond this season.

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