Chris Johnson Losing Playing Time?

A controversy seems to be brewing in Tennessee as RB Chris Johnson continues to struggle this season while backup Javon Ringer has managed to cut into Johnson’s carries. Yesterday, Johnson finished the game with 34 yards on 14 carries while Ringer managed to out produce Johnson by rushing for 60 yards on 14 carries of his own.

Titans head coach Mike Munchak mentioned that playing time for each player will be based on the “flow of the game.”

I think every game will be different,” Munchak said. “I just think it depends on the flow of the game, how it’s going. I don’t think we’re consciously trying to decide by series who’s playing.

Ringer doesn’t seem to think that Johnson’s role is in jeopardy.

I know CJ is the guy. CJ is the starter,” Ringer explained. “CJ has been blessed to do amazing things in his first couple of years. Realistically, I haven’t been able to do those things. Granted, I haven’t had the same opportunities he has. But CJ is our guy and I’m the backup. That’s just the way it is. There’s no controversy. There’s nothing between us. I know my role.”

Limiting Johnson’s may end up being good for both the Titans and Chris Johnson as their current approach isn’t helping either of them. Ringer deserves a shot to see what he can do with a larger role in the teams offense. This is certainly going to be a hot topic in the weeks to come, especially if Johnson continues to struggle.

pixy Chris Johnson Losing Playing Time?

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