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Christian Ponder Taking Over In Minnesota?

The Minnesota Vikings were beaten pretty bad last night by the Chicago Bears but the big news from Sunday nights game was that Christian Ponder was brought in to replace Donovan McNabb.

What’s interesting is that the team was losing because of Donvoan who passed for 177 yards on 19 of his 24 passes but there really wasn’t much to play for in the second half prompting a quarterback change.

It felt like we did a lot of great things today,” said Donovan McNabb. “I guess we’ll sit down and talk but I expect to be in there next week.”

Whenever you take out the starting quarterback in favor of a first-round draft pick it’s going to fuel speculation of a possible change.

We’re going sit down on Monday and just talk about a lot of things and just decide on what direction we want to go,” said Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier, per Tom Pelissero of1500 ESPN Radio.

Ponder showed some good mobility and pocket presence but needs to be more accurate as some of passes were behind receivers and a little high. This will come with more playing time but the real problem for the Vikings is that they’ll play two of their next three games against the undefeated Green Bay Packers.

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