Christian Ponder Watch Starting In Minnesota?

Minnesota Vikings QB Donovan McNabb is off to a ruff start to the season as he finished his game with the Vikings tallying just 39 yards passing and one touchdown.

Such a disappointing performance is only going to fuel speculation that Christian Ponder could be taking over as the teams starting quarterback.

Joe Fortenbaugh of National Football Post points to some of the other rookie quarterback that performed well in their debuts as another reason for the Vikings to consider the move depending on how McNabb responds to his dismal start.

It’s worth pointing out that McNabb was under plenty of pressure and you’d have to say that his receiving options aren’t exactly the most formidable group in the NFL.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert offers an interesting take on the idea of Ponder taking over.

On the one hand, it probably makes sense to leave rookie Christian Ponder out of this mess if the Vikings quarterback — whoever he is — will be put in such a tough situation, writes Seifert. “But part of me wonders if the Vikings would get any big-picture benefit out of treading water with McNabb, if it comes to that. You know what they say: If you’re not moving forward, well, there is only one other way to go.”


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