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Colin Kaepernick May Use Jay Culter’s New Deal As A Floor For Negotiations

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area mentions that Colin Kaepernick could use the recent contract extension the Bears signed QB Jay Cutler to as his “floor” for negotiations with 49ers.

  • Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reported on Saturday that the two sides have begun negotiations on regarding a contract extension at the Scouting Combine.

Cutler, 30, signed a seven-year contract worth $126.7 million that included $54 million guaranteed following the season. However, the most important figure in Cutler’s contract is the fact that he will receive $18 million per year over the first three seasons. After that, Chicago can reconsider the contract in 2017.

Kaepernick, 26, is entering the final year of his rookie contract and will make $1.073 million for the 2014 season. Given how successful he’s been since taking over for Alex Smith during the 2012 season, and the fact that he’s still young, it really wouldn’t be surprising to see him do better than Cutler in terms of guaranteed money with his next contract.

Kaepernick has mentioned that it will be important for the two sides to find a balance that will allow San Francisco address other players like WR Michael Crabtree and OLB Aldon Smith who will be entering the year of their rookie contracts as well.

We’ll have more regarding the 49ers negotiations with Kaepernick as the news is available.

  • John Brodie’s Ghost

    >>”it would not be surprising to see him sign do better than Cutler…”

    The English language…it’s not just for breakfast any more.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      My apologize for the mistake. I should have caught that. Thanks for pointing it out.

      • John Brodie’s Ghost

        At least you took it the right way. Most wouldn’t…

        • NFL Trade Rumors

          Appreciate that.

  • Tristian

    Niner fan here who knows Cutler is vastly overpaid and that means Kap will be too. You cant sign everyone matter how little Kap takes. Everybody says they wanna takea pay cut until they see what the pay cut is. Kap shouldn’t get more than 13 million a year in my opinion. He just isnt a very good passer. Id sign him to a 2 year “show me” extension then that allows the “window” to stay open a bit longer. Personally I think we are drafting a QB in 2016

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Good point about mot being able to pay everyone.

      I’m sure SF would love to sign Kaep to a “show me” extension, but negotiations are of course all about leverage and without an obviously replacement on their roster, it’s going to be tough to allow him enter the final year of his contract and face using the franchise tag next season.

      They could find someone in the draft with long-term potential and then give him a year to prepare, but this is clearly a calculated risk regarding what many believe is the most important position in football and teams tend to shy away from taking chances with this position.

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