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Colin Kaepernick Could Be Targeting As Much As $20M Per Year In New Contract

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe recently reported that 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is looking for a “similar or slightly better” contract to the one signed by Bears’ QB Jay Cutler, which includes a annual salary of $18 million.

However, it appears as though Kaepernick could be looking for a better average salary than that in his next contract.

According to Jason La Canfora, contract talks between the 49ers and Kaepernick “will begin at $20 million a year.

  • La Canfora mentions that negotiations between the two parties are still “in their infancy” at this point in time, but the 49ers are aware that Kaepernick is unlikely to offer them much of a discount.
  • La Canfora adds that Kaepernick is prepared to gamble on himself much like Joe Flacco did a few years ago rather than sign a below market contract.

Kaepernick, 26, is entering the final year of his rookie contract and will make $973,766 for the 2014 season. Given how successful he’s been since taking over for Alex Smith during the 2012 season, and the fact that he’s still young, it really wouldn’t be surprising to see him do better than Cutler in terms of guaranteed money with his next contract.

Kaepernick has said previously that it will be important for the two sides to find a balance that will allow San Francisco address other players like WR Michael Crabtree and OLB Aldon Smith who will be entering the year of their rookie contracts as well, but sounds like that may have been a little overstated.

We’ll have more regarding the 49ers negotiations with Kaepernick as the news is available.