Colts Front Office Preferred RGIII Over Andrew Luck Before Being Fired


The NFL Networks Mike Lombardi mentioned that Bill and Chris Polian actually favored Baylor QB Robert Griffin III over Stanford QB Andrew Luck in this year’s draft, while appearing on Bill Simmons BS Report.

There were rumors, and these are only rumors, that the Polians liked Griffin better than Luck,” said Lombardi. “I promise you he’ll [Griffin] be the second pick of the draft,” Lombardi said of RG3. “He could be the first pick. I can’t promise you that, but Luck and Griffin are going to go 1-2 in some combination. I can promise you that.”

The Colts decided to fire both of the Polian’s and revamp their entire front office weeks ago but it would be hard to say that this had any impact on the teams decision considering that it’s the first time that I’ve come across this news. RGIII is rising up draft experts big board’s as the NFL Scouting Combine fast approaches (only two weeks from today) and there’s been a lot of speculation that someone will trade up for him during the draft. Still, I can’t see the Colts passing on Andrew Luck with the first-overall pick. His ceiling is just too high and his ability is everything that you could ask for and more from a kid coming out of college. If Luck isn’t a success in the NFL, it’s more likely to be related to the Colts inability to surround him with talent or properly develop him.

pixy Colts Front Office Preferred RGIII Over Andrew Luck Before Being Fired

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