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Colts HC Chuck Pagano Reportedly In “Hot Water” With Owner After Failed Fake Punt

Jason Cole of B/R, citing two Colts’ sources, HC Chuck Pagano is in “hot water” with owner Jim Irsay following the team’s horrible fake punt call during Sunday night’s loss to the Patriots.

According to Cole, people around the NFL are wondering what he was even thinking installing that play at all. Many believe Pagano’s decision to use that play ultimately put the players in a position to fail, even though it appeared as though they weren’t supposed to snap the ball in the first place.

Cole goes as far to suggest that the play call was bad enough that it could ultimately impact his ability to secure another head coaching job in the NFL.

Despite his success in Indianapolis, Pagano has very little room for error, which is why some believe a call like this could actually have a big impact on his future with the team.

The Colts offered Pagano a one-year extension to prevent him from being a lame duck head coach, but Pagano elected to bet on himself with his contract, and he’s now in a prove-it situation.

There have also been reports that have said the relationship between Pagano and GM Ryan Grigson isn’t very good. Beyond that, there’s also some who believe Irsay would side with Grigson if a decision needed to be made.

Recent reports have said that it’s unlikely Pagano is back barring a Super Bowl appearance, and this season hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts for the Colts.

Even so, Pagano and the Colts will ultimately be judged on what they’re able to accomplish in the postseason, and there’s plenty to time for them to get things turned around.

We’ll have more regarding the Colts and Pagano as the news is available.

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