Colts In Talking To Manning About Staying In Indy?



It’s been widely assumed that Peyton Manning will never play another game for the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck will be supplanted as the team’s future quarterback by the end of April, but team owner Jim Irsay mentioned that he’s already held talks with Manning to try to keep in him a Colts uniform, via WTHR 13 Indianapolis.

While Irsay may be telling the truth about the two sides discussing a new deal, it’s worth pointing out that they met a few weeks back to try to renegotiate Manning’s $28 million option. There’s been a battle for public opinion thus far in Indy and situations like this tend to occur when the sides are trying to limit the amount of damage that a looming decision will have.

Pro Football Talk reports that a source close to the situation has told them that “numbers aren’t being discussed” which could help to validate  the previous point.


On the subject of Manning’s recovery, former NFL QB Chris Weinke said that he feel’s Manning will be able to fully recover from the surgery because he had undergone the same procedure years ago.

I’ve spoken to Peyton early on in the process,” Weinke told USA TODAY. “My gut feeling: It’s not a question of if he can get back healthy because it’s already been proven it can happen because I went through it.

It comes down to Peyton and what he wants,” Weinke added. “My gut tells me he wants to come back and play. My gut also tells me he’s going to come back and be just as good if not better than he was prior to the surgery.”

This is at the very the least interesting and provides so much need perspective about the procedure and what Manning can expect to see happen afterwards. So far, all we’ve heard has been purely speculative in nature so it’s good to get a better understanding of the situation.

I lost everything, full atrophy in my throwing arm, the nerves that control my right arm were damaged,” said Weinke. “My head was awkward and I got involved in a head-on collision.”

I had total nerve regeneration. So I had to in essence re-teach myself to throw.”

pixy Colts In Talking To Manning About Staying In Indy?

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