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Colts Owner Jim Irsay Suspended 6 Games, Fined $500K



The NFL announced Tuesday that Colts owner Jim Irsay has been suspended for six games and will receive a $500,000 fine for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Irsay will not be allowed to attend the club’s facility during his suspension. This goes for practices and league functions, as well as social media.

  • The Colts will not forfeit any draft picks as part of Irsay’s discipline.
  • Irsay is also subject to “ongoing treatment, counseling, and testing as determined by medical professionals and the Indiana court.

Roger Goodell issued a letter to Irsay regarding the matter.

“I acknowledge the mistake I made last March and stand responsible for the consequences of that mistake, for which I sincerely apologize to our community and to Colts fans everywhere. Even more importantly, though, I am committed to do everything in my power to turn this whole experience into a positive event for myself, my family, and the community. In retrospect, I now know that the incident opened my eyes to issues in my life that needed addressing and helped put me on the path to regain my health. I truly hope and pray that my episode will help in some small measure to diminish the stigma surrounding our country’s terrible and deadly problem of addiction. It is a disease like other progressive, terminal diseases—one that can only be successfully treated by understanding, committed hard work, and spiritual growth. I am deeply grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and support during these past few months from my family, friends, care-givers, and our great community. Please know I am firmly committed to staying on my path to good health and I look forward to a great season.”


ESPN’s Adam Schefter previously reported that the NFL is expected to discipline Colts Jim Irsay before Thursday’s season opener.

  • According to Schefter, Irsay cannot be fined more than $500,000 under the NFL’s constitution.
  • However, Roger Goodell could request larger penalties from the owners regarding this matter.


Mark Alesia of the Indianapolis Star reports Colts Jim Irsay has plead guilty to one misdemeanor and will receive one year of probation. 

  • Tox screens reportedly showed that Irsay had oxycodone and hydrocodonein his system, per Alesia.
  • The Judge in this case mentioned that if Irsay were arrested for another OWI within five years, it will be a felony.
  • Irsay was able show prescriptions for the pills he had, which is why he was ultimately able to avoid felony charges.


Mark Alesia of the Indianapolis Star reports that Colts Jim Irsay has reached a plea deal with prosecutors in his OWI case.

“I can confirm that Mr. Irsay’s case has been set for a change of plea hearing on Tuesday, September 2nd at 11:00 a.m. in Hamilton Superior Court IV,” Andre Miksha, a spokesman for the Hamilton County prosecutor said, via the Indianapolis Star. “I cannot provide any details of — or even verify the existence of — an agreement unless and until one would be tendered to the Court at such a hearing.”

Irsay was facing two misdemeanors for the incident that occurred back in March in which he was arrested and charged with one count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, as well as one count of operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his body.

Both charges reportedly qualified as class C misdemeanors and carry 60-day jail sentences. The substances found in Irsay’s system were oxycodone and/or hydrocodone.

The NFL has held off on punishing Irsay, which is actually consistent with their approach to handing down punishment for NFL players. Although, it will be interesting to see what Roger Goodell elects to do with an NFL owner.

We’ll have more regarding Irsay as the news is available.


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