Colts Shopping Reggie Wayne & Robert Mathis?


ESPN’s Adam Schefter mentioned that the Indianapolis Colts should consider trading Reggie Wayne to the Buffalo Bills and Robert Mathis to the New York Jets during an appearance on a television show, via Phillip Wilson of the Indianapolis Star.

Schefter wasn’t reporting that this idea came from his sources but was instead just speculating about some trade possibilities that would make sense to him.

ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky attempts to throw cold water on the idea of the Colts trading away some of their soon to be free agents.

Relax, Colts fans. [Schefter’s insight] didn’t originate with the Colts or the Bills or the Jets. Yes, the Colts could wind up in position to draft Andrew Luck. They still signed Peyton Manning to a giant contract. They still expect him to be taking the first snap of the 2013 season. They still expect to be a playoff team next year. To be so, they are not going to jettison two of their best players. They are much more likely, in my opinion, to try to sign them to new deals after this season.”

We have Wayne listed at #19 and Mathis at #5 in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

pixy Colts Shopping Reggie Wayne & Robert Mathis?

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