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Colts Still Trying to Trade Dwight Freeney?

Peter King writes that the Indianapolis Colts are still looking to trade DE Dwight Freeney for a “good pick” in the upcoming draft.

King adds that the reduced value of veteran players will most likely prevent the Colts from completing a deal. This was obviously evident by the fact that the Eagles received a seventh-round draft pick in return for CB Asante Samuel. Freeney is owed $14 million for the 2012 season, which is likely an impeding factor for team that would have interest in acquiring him.

King also notes that the Colts need players to fit into the mold of new head coach Chuck Pagano’s 3-4 defense so if the Colts somehow get an offer more than the Eagles got for Samuel they should consider trading Freeney.

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Freeney fourth round pick. Ha! He’s a def. 3rd. Or a corner that the Bear’s don’t have. Keep dreaming. Plus he has a 14 million dollar contract that no team is willing to touch.



Clint Hewetson

I can’t imagine that the Bears wouldn’t at least make a phone call on this one.  It would open so many possibilities with our first round pick and would shore up a scary pass-rush. If the Colts would take a 4th rounder, and Freeney would re-structure his deal a little bit, it’s a win-win.

With that said………………never gonna happen. Fun to wish, though.

NFL Trade Rumors

I agree with you Clint. Certainly an interesting idea to think that Freeney could be playing opposite of Peppers.

Mikey Roederer

To the Bears for a 4th Round Pick..then they can focus on OLine and another WR…maybe even a CB…One can wish cant they? Freeney and Peppers..

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