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More Concerns About Titans’ Ownership, Possibility Team Could Be For Sale At Some Point

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the Titans ownership situation “could soon be heading toward critical mass.

This comes after a report from Jason La Canfora, who mentioned that the Titans are still non-compliant with the NFL ownership bylaws and have already been sanctioned by the league NFL for their failure to conform.

La Canfora reported that owner Amy Adams Strunk received a “significant, six-figure fine” earlier this year for not complying with the ownership requirements.

The problem with the Titans’ ownership structure is that it’s split between three equal branches of founder Bud Adams’ family tree. The NFL wants there to be one owner with control over the franchise, rather than have three equal parties.

A source tells Florio that the other parties are willing to sell their stake in the team to Strunk for fair value. However, Strunk either isn’t able to afford to purchase their stake or isn’t inclined to do so.

This could lead to the Titans becoming available for purchase at some point. Florio adds that another possibility could be for the other two branches of ownership to combine their stake in the team and sell controlling interest in the franchise to someone.

According to La Canfora, the Titans remain a topic of “considerable interest” around the NFL.

While the NFL is working with their current owners, La Canfora says that there is no imminent solution. As of now, the NFL isn’t’ considering any further fines for Titans’ ownership.

“The league isn’t just going to let this go,” a source tells La Canfora. “This will have to be resolved.”

Other owners believe the Titans will eventually be available. La Canfora mentions Jon Bon Jovi as someone who would be interested in the team along with Peyton Manning.

We’ll have more regarding the Titans’ possibly being for sale as the news is available.

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