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Contract Details For Seahawks Agreement With Richard Sherman


The Seattle Seahawks officially locked up CB Richard Sherman to a long-term extension on Wednesday.

We’ve been waiting for more concrete details regarding Sherman’s new deal and, thanks to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, we now have them.

Sherman’s contract will end up being a five-year contract worth a total value of $57.431 million.

According to Florio, Sherman receives an $11 million signing bonus which, when added to his 2014 base salary of $1.431 million, brings his 2014 salary $12.431 million and is fully guaranteed.

Interestingly enough, the remaining $27.569 million is only covered for injury, but will ultimately become fully guaranteed in February of 2016.

In 2015, Sherman will make $10 million and is fully guaranteed on the fifth day after next year’s Super Bowl.

The Seahawk will owe Sherman another $12.569 million base salary in 2016, which will also be fully guaranteed on the fifth day after the 2016 Super Bowl. Florio adds that another $5 million of his $11.431 million base salary in 2017 will also be guaranteed at this time.

Here are some important numbers to consider. Sherman will have made $12.431 million as of net February and $22.431 million after his second year. Assuming he’s still on the roster as of February 2016, Sherman will have made $40 million.

This is an extremely impressive contract for Sherman and certainly illustrates how much the Seahawks value his ability.


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