Contract Details For Seahawks Agreement With S Earl Thomas


The Seattle Seahawks have officially signed S Earl Thomas to a four-year, $40 million extension a few days ago, but the complete contract details weren’t available until Thursday.

Here’s a look at how Thomas’ contract breaks down:

  • 2014: base salary – $4.725M fully guaranteed, cap figure – $7.373M, escalators – $2.875M.
  • 2015: base salary – $5.5M guaranteed, cap figure – $7.4M.
  • 2016: base salary – $8M with $6M guaranteed, cap figure – $9.9M.
  • 2017: base salary – $8.5 million nonguaranteed, cap figure – $1o.4M.
  • 2018: base salary – $8.5 million nonguaranteed, cap figure – $10.4M.

In total, Thomas’ extension is worth $44.725 million and includes a $9.5 million signing bonus, which is included in his total guarantees of $25.725 million.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how Thomas’ contract stacks up with the other top safeties in league.

  • Earl Thomas: (24) four years, $40M total, $19.735M guaranteed, $10M per year. 
  • Jairus Byrd: (27) six-years, $54M total, $18.3M guaranteed, $9M per year. 
  • Eric Berry: (25) five-years, $50.045M total, $25.696M guaranteed, $8,34M per year.
  • Dashon Goldson: (29) five-years, $41.25M total, $18M guaranteed, $8.25M per year.
  • Eric Weddle: (29) five-years, $40M total, $18M guaranteed, $8.25M per year.

While Thomas didn’t get as much total as Byrd or even as much guaranteed as Berry, he’ll be in good position to sign another huge contract before he enters his thirties.

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pixy Contract Details For Seahawks Agreement With S Earl Thomas

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