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Cowboys Re-sign CB Orlando Scandrick

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Dallas Cowboys have re-signed CB Orlando Scandrick to a five-year deal worth $27 million extension which includes $10 million guaranteed.

Scandrick, 24, is a good player with years ahead of him but the fact that the Cowboys have basically re-signed a player who isn’t even a starter, other than nickel sets, is a little strange. Obviously Dallas his high hopes for him a future player or they certainly would not have guaranteed him $10 million in his new contract. But you have to wonder whether or not he’s going to develop into a solid cornerback which he currently isn’t.


  • Anonymous

    Hes better than most corners, hes always man to man against the wes welkers of the NFL…hes just starting to understand how to play with his teammates..he will be a steal when u look back after a year or two.

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