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David Garrard Not Rushing To Sign With A New Team

Former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard appears to be a hot commodity on the open market as reports have mentioned that a number of NFL teams have shown interest in him.

Garrard’s agent told the Florida Times-Union that he’s not interested in being a “temporary fix” for a team.

His agent also told the Sacramento Bee he’s currently considering offers from three teams.

ESPN’s John Clayton passes along word that Garrard has “plenty of options” and added that “he may not sign with a team this week.”

It’s interesting that none of the reports mention any specific teams as you would figure that one team would have leaked interest in him at this point. You can safely assume that Garrard hasn’t received the kind of offer that he’s looking for which is likely why he’s waiting while his agent is doing interviews all around the country.

There’s no way any team would offer him a starting job at this point in the season so he’s most likely shopping for the most money or the best shot at playing time.

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