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DeSean Jackson Falling Out Of Favor In Philly?

Pro Football Talk reports that a source has informed them that some of DeSean Jackson‘s teammates are getting “frustrated” with “moping and pouting and generally being more concerned about his contract than helping the team win games.”

This report isn’t a good sign for his long-term prospects with the team as losing the favor of the locker room is going to intensify the concerns about Jackson’s play.  The fact that Andy Reid felt that it was necessary to bench him for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals only highlights the issue that he has become.

In recent weeks there’s been talk that the Eagles are considering using their franchise tag on Jackson rather than re-sign him to a long-term deal. Now this could suggest that the Eagles aren’t willing to commit huge money to a player that can be as unreliable as Jackson has been at times or it could be a temporary move that will buy them more time negotiate a new contract. His actions will ultimately determine how the team approaches his next contract.

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