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Dez Bryant Entering A Make or Break Season With The Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones joined Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who was filling in for Dan Patrick today, and mentioned that Dez Bryant will have to show serious improvement on and off the field or they may not be able to count him moving forward.

“He’s got to come on, step up and accept responsibility,” Jones said, via Pro Football Talk. “I’m demanding that he work through it. He must do it or we can’t count on him.”

Florio followed that up by asking if Jones meant that the Cowboys could move on with Bryant if he’s unable to do so, to which Jones confirmed that he did.

Bryant has showcased his talent from time to time with the Cowboys, but the concerns regarding his off-the-field issues make him an obvious liability. I’m actually a little surprised to see Jones blatantly suggest that they’re willing to move on without him if these issues persist because it essentially creates a distraction on top of a distraction. Then again, maybe Jones feels that best way to have an impact on Bryant is by openly voicing his concerns.

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