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Dolphins Expect To Hold A Competition For Starting QB Job

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin mentioned that the Dolphins are currently without a  “master plan” in regards to when newly drafted QB Ryan Tannehill take over as the team’s starter.

If there is one, I was never told about it,” Philbin said. “We’ll let (Tannehill, Matt Moore and David Garrard) come to work, and the best man will win.”

Tannehill should have at least a small advantage considering that he’s already played in Mike Sherman’s offensive system, but Matt Moore figures to have the best shot at securing the starting job. Tannehill may still require some extra time before he’s ready to take over as the team’s full time starter, which really isn’t surprising considering that he wasn’t a polished prospect coming out of Texas A&M.

Matt Moore is odds on favorite to win the job at this point in time.

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No matter who wins the competition, they will still have a better starter at QB then the Jets, and maybe even Buffalo depending which Fitzpatrick shows up.


tannehill has the edge but matt moore finished the season hot and david can bring some veteran experience so its wide open.

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Who’s your money on at this point?

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