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Dolphins Intend To Contact Bill Cowher & Jeff Fisher

The Miami Herald reports that a source who has been “briefed on the situation” has informed them that the Miami Dolphins intend to contact both Bill Cowher and Jeff Fisher regarding their recent coaching vacancy.

Cowher’s name has come up multiple times but the recent reports have Cowher remaining with CBS rather than on the sidelines for the upcoming season.

Jeff Fisher’s agent recent mentioned that he’s ready and willing to return to the NFL next season so figures to be a strong candidate for the Dolphins.

Brian Billick‘s name has also come up as a possibility and he’s confirmed interest in the idea.


  • Matt McGillivray

    I got a gut feeling its going to be Billick,

    • Nate Bouda

      That’s my feeling as well. Fisher will have plenty of options in the coming weeks and he’s likely to shop around for the best deal before committing to any one team.

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