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Dolphins Could Pursue Jim Harbaugh Next Year, Per @JasonPhilCole

Jason Cole of the National Football Post expects the Miami Dolphins to pursue 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh next year, “barring a Super Bowl win by the 49ers.”

  • Cole added that the Dolphins rumored interest in Harbaugh “only got stronger this weekend.

Sunday night, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports wrote that he wouldn’t rule out an attempt by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to acquire Harbaugh at some point.

“If other teams sense a vulnerability there, they will continue to explore, and it’s hard to imagine Harbaugh coaching out a lame-duck year there in 2015 if he hasn’t received an extension by then,” La Canfora writes.

Ross made a very serious attempt to hire Harbaugh a few years ago and I don’t think it would shock anyone to see Miami part ways with current HC Joe Philbin after the season.

While I’m sure the Dolphins have interest in Harbaugh, all indications coming out of San Francisco continue to be that a contract extension for Harbaugh remains one of their top priorities this offseason.

If the 49ers want to put the building speculation to rest, it would make sense to get something worked out sooner rather than later. However, team owner Jed York recently mentioned that they could wait until after the draft to get something worked out.

We’ll have more as the news is available.

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Dean T

OC Bill Lazor should be your next head coach.

Don Malott

This is how it starts, just because the Dolphins persued Harbaugh a couple of years ago, now because there is termoil in San Fran you get these idiots talking about how the Phins are interested.
Now the unrest will start because of some idiot’s assumption, all he is trying to do is make headlines and start up the negativity again half the time none of this comes from the organization itself, jason LaCanfora is making a guess an uneducated one at that.

No matter which side of the Martin/Incognito situation you come down on, all Miami fans must admit, that we have a stigma of a team in disarray now. Time and winning can erase this stench, but there is no way I can see a Harbaugh caliber HC wanting to join this side show. La Canfora has always written poorly of The Dolphins. He can say he is being objective, but his articles, filled with venom and hate, are the proof in the pudding. Being Miami born and raised, I am disgusted with the direction this organization has gone in. I’ve… Read more »
K. Baker
Philbin is definitely negatively impacted by the circumstances, which created this ongoing saga and publicized scenario. Take the time to read more about Ross and Philbin as well as all of the past Miami Dolphins owners and coaches. A book titled “The Stark Contrast of the Miami Dolphins and Coaches” can be found on createspace.com/4038086 or amazon.com. It chronicles the origin of the Miami Dolphins and give detail overviews of each coach and owner the Miami Dolphins have had and it also expands on certain players and events which occurred throughout the Miami Dolphins history. Many readers have commented on… Read more »

Because the last time they tried at aquire Jim Harbaugh worked out so well.

NFL Trade Rumors

This is a good point. Just because Miami would likely have interest in him, doesn’t mean that they will be able to convince him to take the job. They would definitely have their work cut out for them.


Aside from the obvious dysfunctional manner in which the Phins pursued him the first time, wasn’t the sticking point with Harbaugh the teams unwillingness to relinquish more high end decision making power? With Ireland now gone and Hickey viewed by many as a questionable successor, this may be an opportunity for Ross to finally land his man and hand over the reigns to someone who can actually turn the franchise around.

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