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Dolphins Sign WR Tommy Streeter



Pro Football Talk, citing a league source, reports that the Dolphins are signing WR Tommy Streeter to a contract on Monday.

Streeter, 25, is a former sixth-round selection of the Ravens back in 2012. He lasted just over a year with the team before he was among their final roster cuts at the start of the 2013 regular season.

Since then, Streeter has had brief stints with the Buccaneers and Dolphins before joining the Jaguars at the end of September. However, Jacksonville wound up placing Streeter on waivers close to a month ago.

Since then, Streeter tried out for the Cowboys, but nothing ever came of his visit until now.

In 2014, Streeter appeared in two games for the Jaguars, but didn’t record a single statistic.

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Spelling & proofreading are our friends… SMFH!

NFL Trade Rumors

Sorry for the mistake Alan. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

John Mccallum
The Dolphins, I believe made a very big mistake in taking Parker with #14 pick? Reason #1 we already have a truck load of receiver’s, & a 100 million dollar quarterback who’s gotten hit & sacked more than any other quarterback in this last three years!! FACT!!! #2. If this team is going to make a playoff push this year, Tannehill need’s to be standing up right, NOT ON HIS BACK!!! A receiver with first pick after the offseason flurries that brought Kenny Stills, & Greg Jennings. The team should’ve been looking at either taking the best offensive guard available,… Read more »
Kyle Nickander
John, I agree with almost everything you pointed out. Sometimes I get this feeling that the NFL is run like many of the stories we were told as children. Stay with me here, I have a point. First, Off. Guards are not supposed to be drafted before Round 3 unless he is a no brainer(chances are…come back to this) in Round 2, or there is still a giant athlete sitting on the board deep in Round 1. Now that questionably bumpy, yet strict rule written in grey has complete control and supersedes any authority of a person making more money… Read more »

I wonder why Miami signed streeter. As a camp body until parker get back?

NFL Trade Rumors

This would be my guess.

Billy Batson

It’s up to Streeter to become more than just a camp body.
I hope this young man’s dream can come true, he’s a fighter.

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