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Drew Brees Rejects Deal That Would Have Paid Him $18.5M Per Season

March 7, 2012 Saints

In news unrelated to Peyton Manning news, Larry Holder of Fox Sports reports that Drew Brees turned down a contract offer from the New Orleans Saints that would have paid him $18.5 million per season

New Orleans reportedly offered him a $30 million signing bonus to go with the deal but Holder mentions that Brees countered their offer with a deal in the range of $23 million per season.

We had heard previously that the team was offering him a deal in the range of $18 million per season so this just helps to verify that information. The Saints have to get this taken care in the immediate future as the situation already looks to be getting contentious.

  • Mikey Roederer

    Im with homerun on this one…Drew should have taken that offer, its a pretty darn good one, and I doubt he would have found better on the market…Can you imagine a market though that had Drew Brees and Peyton Manning in it? Holy CRAP!!

  • homeruntrot

    23 mil per? HAHAHA