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Dwayne Bowe Open To Returning To KC?

ESPN’s Bill Williamson mentioned that WR Dwayne Bowe is more likely to remain with theĀ Chiefs next season now that they’ve hired Andy Reid as their next head coach.

Every indication before this seemed to suggest that Bowe was prepared to shop himself around the league for the best offer. I can see where Williamson is coming from here. Reid understands that they could use a solid receiver for the years to come and he’ll have an opportunity to convince Bowe that he’ll not only be paid, but better utilized in the new offense.

It’s certainly a possibility, but I would wait to see what he says about the idea before assuming that he’ll be back next season.

We have Bowe listed as the No. 7 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

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Definitely couldn’t hurt to stay if youre bowe given how much andy reid throws the football. However, you gotta see who the QB is.

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