Eagles Considering Cutting DT Cullen Jenkins?

Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the Eagles are facing a decision regarding DT Cullen Jenkins who has a $5 million roster bonus due on March 13.

Silverstein notes that the Eagles wouldn’t take a cap hit by releasing Jenkins because he didn’t receive a signing bonus.

This would in turn save the Eagles $7.75 million in cap space that they could use to re-sign WR Desean Jackson or fill other roster needs.

Silverstein adds that the Packers could be interested in signing Jenkins as they their defensive line was close to as effective as they were with Jenkins last year.

I can understand where Silverstein in coming from on this idea but I’d really be surprised to see the Eagles cut Jenkins after the productive season he put together for them this year. The Eagles could use the cap space but I doubt they would willing to let one of their best free agent signing go after a single season. Still, it’s an interesting idea.

pixy Eagles Considering Cutting DT Cullen Jenkins?

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