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Eagles Hope To Re-sign WR DeSean Jackson

Pro Football Weekly cites NFL sources that believe that the Eagles are committed to re-signing WR DeSean Jackson.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid said that he was impressed with the way Jackson responded to the adversity. It seemed as though Jackson could be done in Philadelphia but the team has given every indication that he’ll be back next season. The franchise tag remains a strong possibility but the Eagles may have to make some other roster moves first.


pixy Eagles Hope To Re-sign WR DeSean Jackson

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Mark Seidenburg

Tag him and swap him and our first to Cleveland, Minn, St Louis and draft Justin Blackman.  Blackman is younger, bigger, better and more affordable. Also has no concussion issues. Trade Asante for either a veteran LB or 1st round draft pick and draft a LB, sign one LB (Steven Tulloch maybe or someone else) and sign one FA safety. Draft back up OL/DL, issue solved. Gets us our safety, LB’s, Wr and we probably win financialy as Samuel is do a high pay day and DJax will be plaid as well. 

Austin kane

They should also get rid of Juan Castillo and get a real defensive coordinator


Doesn’t matter……Andy Reid is still the coach!

Ronnie Watson

Too bad none of those trades will happen. No team that is drafting in the top 6 will want Jackson over Blackmon because of the reasons you listed. Asante is not worth anything close to a 1st round pick. I don’t know anybody who would trade a 1st,2nd, or probably even 3rd round pick for a 31 year old corner who doesn’t cover or tackle well. His entire value comes from his knowledge of the system he is in and risk/reward game he plays going for interceptions.

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