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Ian Rapoport reports that the Falcons have “privately told people their plan” is to hire Seahawks DC Dan Quinn as their next head coach.

The two parties will meet on Monday for a follow up interview, but league rules prevent Atlanta from offering him the job until the season has come to an end. Although, that won’t prevent the Falcons from getting things in place ahead of time.

According to Rapoport, the Seahawks are likely to turn to DBs coach Kris Richard as their new defensive coordinator if Quinn does, in fact, take a head-coaching job.


Jason La Canfora expects the Falcons to move quickly to sign Seahawks DC Dan Quinn as their next head coach if Seattle loses today.

  • Should Seattle win, Atlanta runs the risk of missing out on the top assistant candidates if they choose to wait the two weeks to officially hire Quinn.
  • However, La Canfora mentions that the Falcons have been “very impressed” with Lions DC Teryl Austin, who would bring in Adam Gase as his offensive coordinator.

ESPN”s Chris Mortensen reported on SportsCenter Sunday that Quinn is “destined” to be the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

  • Ian Rapoport adds that Quinn is the “clear favorite” for the Falcons job.
  • Meanwhile, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that Quinn is expected to meet with the Falcons on Monday for a follow up interview.
  • According to Florio, “Quinn could have the job by the middle of the week.”


According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Lions DC Teryl Austin will either take the Atlanta Falcons head-coaching job or return to Detroit for the 2015 season.

This comes just a day after news surfaced that Austin had decided to not meet with the Broncos regarding their head-coaching vacancy.

Austin wasn’t the only candidates to pull out of a meeting with the Broncos as former Bills HC Doug Marrone decided to wait and see what happens with Gary Kubiak before meeting with them.

The Falcons appear to be down to either Austin or Seahawks DC Dan Quinn for their head-coaching job, but recent reports indicated that Atlanta could wait to meet with Quinn next week.

Austin is believed to be pitching the idea of him bringing Broncos OC Adam Gase with him to run their offense.


Albert Breer of NFL Media is reporting that the Falcons job is down to Lions DC Teryl Austin, Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, and possibly one other candidate.

  • Breer mentions that Quinn is expected to get a follow up interview with the Falcons.
  • Breer’s sense right now is that if Atlanta decides Quinn if their guy, they’ll wait for him to be available.
  • Dianna Marie Russini reports that Quinn does have a follow up interview scheduled with the Falcons.


According to Vaughn McClure of, the Falcons do not have a follow up interview scheduled with Quinn as of now.

Although, McClure admits that this can change, as Atlanta could set up a meeting for Monday following Sunday’s NFC Championship game.


Vaughn McClure of reports that a source has indicated that Lions DC Teryl Austin’s pitch to the Falcons is to bring Broncos OC Adam Gase along as his offensive coordinator.

This is interesting and could really help Austin’s chances of getting the job, as Gase was also a candidate for their head-coaching vacancy.

However, several reports have said that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn is their top target and is interested in the Falcons position.

Atlanta is interviewing Austin for a second time on Thursday.


Ian Rapoport reports that the Falcons have put in a request to interview Broncos OC Adam Gase for their offensive coordinator position.Even if the Falcons elect to wait for Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, it would still be a solid pairing.

Gase has quickly become a highly sought after offensive coordinator as the Raiders, Jaguars, and Rams have all shown interest in him since the 49ers elected to go in a different direction in regards to their head-coaching position.


D. Orlando Ledbetter reports that Lions DC Teryl Austin’s follow up interview with the Falcons has been pushed back to Thursday after he arrived late into Atlanta.

  • Austin is scheduled to interview with the Broncos on Friday.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn is not the “favorite” for the Falcons head-coaching position.

Schefter adds that Lions DC Teryl Austin still has a shot at the job, as he’s meeting with the team today.

However, sources close to and familiar with the Falcons’ situation expect the Falcons to wait for Quinn to be available, and Quinn is reportedly willing to wait for them as well.

According to Schefter, Quinn is the “leading contender” to be the Falcons next head coach.

Atlanta will be able to interview Quinn for a second time next week whether or not the Seahawks win or lose Sunday’s NFC championship game.

Schefter points out that the Broncos cannot interview Quinn during this time, but the Falcons and Bears can do so under league rules.

Matt Ryan is likely one of the biggest factors in luring Quinn to Atlanta.


Jason Cole is reporting that all indications are that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn wants the Falcons job at this point in time.

Cole has spoken to sources that have said Quinn wasn’t all that interested in the Jets position, which promoted New York to move quickly to secure Todd Bowles as their new head coach.

According to Cole, Quinn getting the Falcons’ job is by no means a sure thing, as Lions DC Teryl Austin remains an option for Atlanta. Austin could be their guy if they don’t want to wait for Quinn to be available.

This fits with a report from Dianna Marie Russini from last night in which she mentioned that Quinn “wants the Falcons job.”

Russini added that the Falcons could come away with Quinn if they are willing to wait for him to be available.

Seattle is still alive in the playoffs, so it could still be another two and half weeks before he’s available to meet with the team and reach an agreement.

Previous reports have said that Quinn is at the top of the Falcons’ list, but he also has interest from the 49ers, Broncos, and Bears.

The full list of candidates for the Falcons’ job includes:

  • Lions DC Teryl Austin (interviewed)
  • Former Jets HC Rex Ryan (interviewed)
  • Cardinals DC Todd Bowles (interviewed)
  • Broncos OC Adam Gase (interviewed)
  • Former Bills HC Doug Marrone (interviewed)
  • Patriots OC Josh McDaniels (interviewed)
  • Seahawks DC Dan Quinn (interviewed)
  • Falcons ST coordinator Keith Armstrong (interviewed)


Jason La Canfora continues to report that Lions DC Teryl Austin has “strong support” from the Falcons.

  • According to La Canfora, Atlanta “loves” Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, but he is still expected to remain in New England.


Jason La Canfora reports that some close to Falcons owner Arthur Blank are high on Lions DC Teryl Austin. La Canfora adds that he wouldn’t discount Austin’s chances of getting the job.


Jason La Canfora reports that the Lions DC Teryl Austin is scheduled to meet with the Falcons on Wednesday regarding their head-coaching vacancy.

According to La Canfora, Austin is “very much in the mix” for the Falcons job.

  • Austin finished up his meeting with the Bears on Tuesday.

Recent reports have mentioned that Cardinals DC Todd Bowles and Seahawks DC Dan Quinn are at the top of the Falcons’ list of candidates, but it sounds like Austin should be included in this group.

Bowles elected to meet with the Jets instead of the Falcons on Tuesday, but he is also expected to have a follow up interview with Atlanta in the coming days.


According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, the Falcons are not expected to pursue former Broncos HC John Fox as their next head coach.

  • Marvez mentions that Atlanta is already well into the process of determining who they’ll hire.

The Falcons have follow up interviews scheduled with Lions DC Teryl Austin and Cardinals DC Todd Bowles. Atlanta would reportedly like to interview Seahawks DC Dan Quinn as soon as he’s available, but that will be determined by Seattle’s success in the final few weeks of the season.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Falcons will bring in Lions DC Teryl Austin for a second interview on Thursday.

Austin joins Cardinals DC Todd Bowles as the two candidates to get follow up interviews with Atlanta. Although, they are reportedly interested in meeting with Seahawks DC Dan Quinn as soon as he’s available.


D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Cardinals DC Todd Bowles is now considered the “leading candidate” to be the next head coach of the Falcons.

  • According to Ledbetter, Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is expected to remain in New England.

Ledbetter mentions that Bowles is believed to have a “major supporter” in the Falcons hierarchy in assistant GM Scott Pioli.

Bowles is reportedly scheduled to interview with the Falcons and Jets for a second time this week, so it will be interesting to see if either team moves quickly to hire him as their next head coach.

Both teams are in the mix for Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, but they won’t be able to interview him again until Seattle’s season has come to an end.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Falcons are planning to bring in Cardinals DC Todd Bowles for a second interview at some point this week.

Bowles is reportedly working to finalize his schedule, seeing as the Jets have also requested a follow up interview with the defensive coordinator.

  • Ian Rapoport reporte Sunday that the Falcons appear to have narrowed their head-coaching search to Seahawks DC Dan Quinn and Bowles
  • Vaughn McClure reports that Bowles had a five-hour interview with the Falcons on Saturday, and is now considered the lead candidate for the job.
  • McClure adds that Quinn is also at the top of their wish list.


Jason La Canfora mentioned earlier in the day that many around the league are surprised to hear that that Rex Ryan is taking the Bills’ job given that the Falcons were believed to be interested.


Cardinals DC Todd Bowles‘ interview with for the Falcons head-coaching vacancy is scheduled for Saturday, according to D. Orlando Ledbetter.


D. Orlando Ledbetter reports that the Falcons interviews with Lions DC Teryl Austin and Cardinals DC Todd Bowles have been pushed back to Friday after owner Arthur Blank’s mother, Molly, passed away.


The Atlanta Falcons made major changes to their front office on Wednesday including putting Scott Pioli in charge of personnel while Thomas Dimitroff handles the team’s salary cap.

According to owner Arthur Blank, whoever they hire as their new head coach and Dimitroff will report directly to him.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe mentions that these changes could leave Patriots OC Josh McDaniels as the “perfect” head coach for the Falcons given his ties to Pioli and Dimitroff.


According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Falcons are preparing to bring back the finalists for another round of interviews.

It’s Rapoport’s understanding that former Jets HC Rex Ryan is among the finalists for their head-coaching position.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Rex Ryan’s interview with the Falcons lasted five hours on Tuesday.

Despite the lengthy interview, Rapoport mentions that both Ryan and the Falcons will move on to their next meetings.

Atlanta is scheduled to speak to Lions DC Teryl Austin on Wednesday and Cardinals DC Todd Bowles on Thursday.

Sal Maiorana of the Democrat and Chronicle has heard from sources that Ryan’s interview with the Falcons “went well” and Atlanta is “very interested” in hiring him.


Alex Marvez reports that the Falcons interviewed special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong for their head-coaching vacancy on Sunday.


Jason La Canfora reports that Lions DC Teryl Austin will take his first head-coaching interview with the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday.

  • La Canfora adds that Austin is also scheduled to meet with the 49ers on Thursday.


Former Bills HC Doug Marrone is interviewing with the Atlanta Falcons for their head-coaching positions Monday, according to Ian Rapoport.


Ian Rapoport reports that Cardinals DC Todd Bowles will begin interviewing for head-coaching positions on Wednesday with the Jets and Falcons.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Falcons owner Arthur Blank has made it clear to coaches interviewing for their head-coaching vacancy that they will have a save in GM Thomas Dimitroff’s future with the team.

  • Albert Breer has been told that the Falcons plan to hire the best head coach and then plan things from there.
  • Breer concedes that changes could be coming to the Falcons’ front office if the new head coach doesn’t mesh well with Dimitroff.

There was some talk in the past month or so that Dimitroff could also be on the hot seat this offseason, despite the fact that he was retained while they parted ways with HC Mike Smith.


Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels‘ willingness to take the Falcons head-coaching job could have a “significant bearing” on the team’s front office structure.

According to La Canfora’s sources, both GM Thomas Dimitroff and top assistant Scott Pioli have “championed” McDaniels’ candidacy for the position. However, sources have said that the fate of Dimitroff and Pioli could be directly tied to how their coaching search plays out in the coming weeks.

McDaniels is clearly looking for the perfect situation, as he has a pretty good job right now, but the Falcons have an attractive position with Matt Ryan in place as their starter.

La Canfora has spoken to a few sources who have mentioned that there is enough behind the scenes with the Falcons to give McDaniels some trepidation about agreeing to take over as the team’s head coach.

  • La Canfora adds that Rex Ryan is still a “very intriguing” to owner Arthur Blank.
  • Cardinals DC Todd Bowles and Lions DC Teryl Austin have both are considered strong candidates for the job as well.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that former Bills HC Doug Marrone will meet with the Atlanta Falcons on Monday.

  • Marrone is scheduled to interview for the Jets’ job on Sunday, and reports are that there is a good deal of interest between the two sides.


Citing people close to Cardinals DC Todd Bowles, Ian Rapoport reports that it wouldn’t be surprising to see him take a low-key job like the Raiders or Falcons.


The Falcons will interview Seahawks DC Dan Quinn for their head-coaching vacancy Saturday morning, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via Vaughn McClure) reports that the Falcons are interviewing Patriots OC Josh McDaniels for their head-coaching job today.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that former Jets HC Rex Ryan’s interview with the Falcons will take place on Tuesday.


Jason La Canfora reports that the 49ers and Falcons have requested permission to interview Lions DC Teryl Austin for the head-coaching vacancy.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Broncos OC Adam Gase is scheduled to interview with the 49ers, Falcons and Bears later in the week.


Albert Breer reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn will interview with the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday.


Brian Costello reports that the former Jets HC Rex Ryan is interviewing with the Falcons and 49ers for the head-coaching vacancies.

  • Jason La Canfora confirms that the Falcons are interviewing Ryan and adds that they are “very intrigued” by the possibility of him coaching the Falcons.


Jason La Canfora reports that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels has agreed to interview with the Falcons this week in New England.


Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels has received requests from the 49ers and Falcons regarding their head coaching vacancies.

However, one league source predicts that McDaniels will be “very careful” about the opportunities he pursues this offseason.

Volin’s source predicted the Falcons are the only team McDaniels would “seriously consider” given that he does have an relationship with GM Thomas Dimitroff and Atlanta has a quarterback in place with Matt Ryan.

Volin adds that the dysfunction with the 49ers and the inconsistent play of QB Colin Kaepernick could scare McDaniels off.


Jason La Canfora reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn will interview with the Falcons on Saturday.

  • According to La Canfora, the Jets have the first interview with Quinn on Saturday.


Jason La Canfora reports that the Falcons will also speak to Lions DC Teryl Austin about their head coaching vacancy.

Austin is currently preparing for the Lions Wildcard game against the Cowboys, so they may have to wait until later to interview him for the job.


Jason La Canfora reports that the Falcons have requested permission to speak with Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, Cardinals DC Todd Bowles and Broncos OC Adam Gase.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers have already requested permission to speak with Broncos OC Adam Gase.

Both teams are moving quickly to get an interest with Gase seeing as the Broncos are on bye this week, which means he’s available to meet with NFL teams.

Other candidates like Cardinals DC Todd Bowles and Lions DC Teryl Austin are preparing for playoff matchups, so they’ll have to wait to interview for head coaching jobs.

Gase is one of the best offensive-minded coaching candidates available this year, so it really would not be a surprise at all to see him in charge of an NFL team next year.

Mike Garafolo mentions that Rex Ryan could be in play for the Falcons.

San Francisco “mutually” parted ways with Jim Harbaugh last night and the Falcons have already announced the firing of HC Mike Smith.

The Falcons are working with a search firm to find their next head coach, which means they could have a number of candidates lined up in the near future.

We’ll have more updates regarding Gase as the news is available.

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