Falcons Rumors: Michael Turner, John Abraham, Brent Grimes, Curtis Lofton

Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution offers his take on what the Atlanta Falcons are likely to do regarding a number of key roster decisions.

Michael Turner

Bradley writes that keeping Turner for one more season makes for sense that giving him away for a late-round pick.

Turner, 30, has had some great seasons in Atlanta but there’s definitely some concern that his ability is declining rather quickly. Turner is be no means the fastest player on the team so they’re going to have to find a replacement at some point in the near future.

John Abraham

Bradley doesn’t see the Falcons spending much to keep Abraham who will be 34 at the start of next season.

It’s scary to think that a team incapable of sustaining a pass rush would shed its best pass rusher, but remember what new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan after his hiring: “I’d rather have 10 guys get four sacks than four guys get 10.”

The Falcons have to know that Abraham’s future production will start to trend downward in the coming years and his injury history makes it even harder to keeping him. It will be interesting to see what kind of offers are available to him on the open market because he’s been very productive in the recent years despite his age.

Brent Grimes

Bradley believes that using the franchise tag on CB Brent Grimes makes the most sense considering that it’s one of their biggest areas of need, especially if they lose Grimes.

So far, it seems as though the Falcons are prepared to lose Grimes in the coming months but if they decide to pass on Abraham and Lofton, it would allow them to tag Grimes and keep him under their control for another season. Grimes, 29, is arguably the team’s best cornerback and will certainly find plenty of interest on the open market if he becomes available.

Curtis Lofton

Bradley reports the Atlanta Falcons “won’t be crushed” if the lose ILB Curtis Lofton because there’s some concern within the Falcons organization about his ability to defend against the pass.

“Would you pay $8 million a year for a two-down linebacker,” asks Bradley.

We previously posted an article that mentioned that Sean Weatherspoon could be take over for Lofton given that he’s shown to be a better third-down linebacker. Bradley mentions that Atlanta will likely consider using Akeem Dent as well.



pixy Falcons Rumors: Michael Turner, John Abraham, Brent Grimes, Curtis Lofton

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